5 Gift Ideas For A Kid Who Just Started College Life

With the latest trends and technology everything is growing and changing very fast with its pace. That’s the reason hunting down the right gift for a young adult who is entering the first year of college may seem a tedious task. We know the struggle is real for finding a gift that balances what a student wants, desires, needs and something they actually find worth using. So to ensure you have a functional gift for your newly college bound person in your list, we have assembled some of the gift ideas that are practical and fun as well.

To help you in finding a gift they will surely love, we did a survey and talked to actual college students about what’s hanging in their wish list, also including the latest gadgets and devices that come in use in everyday life and which items would make a student life a bit more exciting and easier. Our list of ideas contains some devices and some basic necessities of life that are affordable and functional as well. Even if it’s their birthday or any special day, you can always pair the gift idea with online cake delivery in navi mumbai at their doorstep to totally blow their mind. We really hope you will find something that exactly fits under your budget and help the college person on your list to joyously begin the new adventure of life. Without any further ado let’s get started and look what we have for you here.


Now that they have joined the college, it’s pretty sure they are going to carry the textbooks, notebooks and laptop everyday with them. There is no such gift idea which would be as functional and as useful as a backpack. This backpack will allow the user or student to hold all their college supplies and other personal belongings. Make sure you choose a bag which has interior and outside pockets so that they can carry their stationary, smartphone and other devices safely as well.

Noise Cancelling

Hostel rooms and other public areas may not always be suitable to conduct a self study session. So giving a pair of noise cancelling earphones will help them to cut the unnecessary noises and voices. This will help them to cut the distractions whenever they need. The best part is it also comes in a wireless set and are easily available at every online portable with affordable prices.

Journal/ Planner

A journal is a good practice to write down about daily thoughts and other personal stuff. Whereas getting a planner means hitting some new goals and desires to keep life balanced and on track. So get them a premium planner that will allow the user to make today’s task record, help them to manage their finances, and write down their daily study and notes in a more fun or creative way.

Care Packages

Having regular college means grabbing and munching the snacks by sneaking from the lectures and classes. So gifting them a basket full of their favorite snacks and candies will motivate them to study hard and focus on their curricular activities. This gift idea is suitable for a first year college student who’s just adapting to the new life changes and challenges where they are responsible for making their own food and snacks.

Snuggly Blanket

The warm and snuggly blanket will help them to stay all cozy during the chilly winters. They come in a variety of warm fabrics and colors so that one can choose according to their want and choice. They will find this gift idea adorable and practical as well.

So these are some gifts that a new student wants with an exotic cake online delivery.

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