How much does a move cost: the impact of the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic made things even more complicated for people since, packers and movers in dubai to the anguish over the changes, were added fears about the possible contagion of Covid-19.

This represented a big change for everyone. For moving companies, not only did it translate into a greater attitude of restraint to customers , but they must also follow the different health protocols to the letter . A key piece of information to know how much a move costs.

The main factor is in the care of the personnel and in the ventilation of the elements that are moved.
The move: preparations
A move is often overwhelming.

So that this does not happen, it is recommended that you stick to certain planning that can be adapted to your times and responsibilities. And that, as far as possible, they do not face this process individually. A key piece of information to start a movement.
To facilitate this transition, experts argue that it is advisable to start projecting moving with 40 or 45 days in advance .

These deadlines allow people to plan and live it in a more relaxed way .

The strongest work begins five days before , when the company delivers the boxes and baskets . An indicator that must be measured to know how much a move costs.

In many cases, to facilitate the work, a packer is dispatched two or three days in advance to advise customers and they can begin preparations.

How much does a move cost: values ​​in pesos
Currently the market offers a wide variety of services.

The most common is the so-called basic or standard : the simplest and most economical , according to Retroflet .

The company delivers cardboard boxes a few days in advance and it is the customer who carries out the packaging and labeling process for each environment (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.).

To facilitate the task, there are companies that offer a virtual worksheet, which customers can download from a website, which has a series of precise recommendations to organize the move. A fundamental indicator that must be evaluated to know how much a move costs.

The cheapest service for a two-room apartment has the value of insurance included. A key number to add when calculating how much a move costs.

How to calculate times and plan?
When it comes to moving an apartment with one or two rooms, it is recommended to start packing no less than a week before moving to the new address.

In the case of having more rooms, between one or two days are added for each room added . An important number to add when calculating how much a move costs.

The times before a move are an ideal time to get rid of everything that is not needed or that has not been used for many years.

This previous classification will be vital to be able to obtain the necessary elements to carry out the packaging, such as boxes, adhesive tapes, markers, labels, transparent bags, corrugated cardboard, plastic roll with bubbles to wrap delicate objects, etc. These are expenses to consider when evaluating how much a move costs.

One day before the move, moving companies in dubai it is convenient to pack a suitcase for each member of the family with their clothes and personal hygiene items to use during the first days in the new destination.

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