Which washing machine to buy?

Choosing a new washing machine is not always easy: you can choose from many models and programs, not to mention all the electronic gadgets. Read below what you should pay attention to if you want to buy a new washing machine. Or answer some simple questions in our washing machine guide.

Small washes or large washes?Intelligent washing machine economical washing the spin speed safe and secure sound of silent delicate fabricsWool FriendlyTo steam or not to steam

Small washes or large washes?

The capacity of washing machines varies from the traditional 7 kg to a whopping 17 kg. For a family of 4 people, a washing machine with a capacity of 7 to 8 kg is sufficient. Families from 5 people need a larger capacity.

Do not think that washing machines with a large capacity also consume more: built-in sensors recognize the amount of laundry and adjust the water consumption and the washing time accordingly. A related website where you can learn more Product tipsĀ 

The bigger the drum, the less often you have to wash.

The washing result is better if your laundry has more room to move in the drum.

From now on you can simply wash curtains, pillows, or duvets yourself.

View all washing machines with a capacity of 10 kg or more.

Intelligent washing machines

Washing machines are constantly getting smarter. They are therefore packed with electronics, such as the washing machines with load recognition. For example, most washing machines recognize the weight of your laundry and how dirty it is. For relatively clean laundry, they use less water, while laundry full of stains or mud gets an extra rinse.

Did you know this? You can operate a number of smart washing machines remotely with your smartphone, tablet, or even your smartwatch. Start or pause the washing program, receive a notification when the laundry is done, … washing has never been so hip. And easy.

Economical washing

Energy consumption is an important factor when buying a new washing machine. Thanks to technological innovations, manufacturers have reduced energy and water consumption to an absolute minimum.

From 1 March 2021, new criteria will apply for determining the energy label. The new energy labels will range from A to G. Click here for detailed information about the new energy labels.

The spin speed

Strange but true: the higher the spin speed, the better your clothes remain protected in the drum. The higher the spin speed, the drier the laundry comes out of your machine. Logical, of course, but that also means that the laundry then has to dry less in the dryer or outside.

View all washing machines with a spin speed of at least 1600 rpm.

Safe and secure

Children at home? Choose a washing machine with a child lock. The control panel locks during the wash so that small, praying hands cannot change or cancel the washing program.

A  washing machine with an aquastop offers double protection against water damage: the water supply stops automatically if a water leak is detected, both in the water supply and in the washing machine itself.

The sound of silence

Is your washing machine in your kitchen or bathroom? Then the noise level is an important criterion. The number of decibels can sometimes be high, especially during the dry spin of the laundry. Choose an extra quiet model if you don’t want to be woken up by a roaring washing machine at night.

Delicate fabrics

Which washing machine to buy if you want to wash silk or other delicate fabrics? You may not dare to put a silk blouse in the washing machine right away… A  washing machine with a hand wash program is the ideal solution. This program does not spin or spins at a low speed. Safe for all your delicate fabrics!

Wool Friendly

Some washing machines have a Woolmark certification, which means that they are suitable for washing woolen clothes in the best conditions, without the risk of shrinking or deforming.

Washing with steam really only has advantages:

The steam penetrates deep into the fibers and removes dirt and stains even better.

Your laundry will come out of the washing machine less wrinkled. Read less ironing!

You quickly refresh clothes, such as a wool sweater or that blouse that you have only worn once.

Allergy sufferers are freed from pollen and house dust mites because they do not survive a steam cure.

Your device uses less water and energy.

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