What Do I Need to Know Before Buying Jewelry?

Good jewelry is an investment. If you’re shopping for gifts, though, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to pick when you’re giving them to someone else. Here’s a look at some of the buying considerations to keep in mind before you get jewelry for someone special.

Decide on the Who

Are you buying that piece of Annaleece jewelry for yourself, your family, a friend, or an acquaintance at work? Whoever it is will determine several things. For instance, you might want to pick something more expensive for someone closer to you and something that’s reasonably priced for someone you’ve worked with for years, depending on how much they helped you or how much you value them.

Consider Personal Style

Whether you buy for yourself or someone else, though, one of the questions you’ll need to ask is: is this piece a match for your style? What are your preferences? Do you love anything with the symbol of the moon or cats or stars? Browse around until you find pieces that say a lot about who you are.

Know What For

When you shop for jewelry, think about when you’ll wear it. Are those earrings or that necklace for everyday use? Maybe you need jewelry that you can wear during your web conferences with people at work? Something understated and simple that won’t call too much attention to your jewelry? Or something ornate and stylish if that’s how you come across at work? Some jewelry, you buy and wear only for special occasions, and some work best as gifts. Consider what you’re using it for, or what you want to say, so you’ll have a clearer idea when you shop around.

Think About Birthstones

If you’re giving that piece, though, why not pick one with the recipient’s birthstone? Look up the different stones for different months of the year. Even if your friend’s birthday is a few months away, it wouldn’t hurt to buy that gift now and set it aside for later. That way, even if you run out of time and your schedule becomes a bit tight, you won’t have to worry that you don’t have as much spare time to shop around. That’s one of the best things about stocking up on gifts in advance.

Check the Size

One of the hardest things about shopping for someone else is finding out what their size is. If you’re shopping for a ring, then you’ll want to borrow one from the recipient. A necklace is easier because all you have to do is find out if the person prefers to wear long or short chains. Sometimes, though, it also depends on the body type of the person. Someone with a short neck might not want to wear a long necklace, after all.

Understand the Materials

Will you buy jewelry with precious metals, diamonds, or gems? How much gold do you want in a piece of jewelry? What grading for the diamonds or gems are you looking for? These are just some of the things you need to find out.

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