The 7 Most Important Considerations for SaaS

Software as a service, or SaaS. The software industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and features. The landscape for the future of software looks bright. But there are important considerations that you should keep in mind before making your next purchase. In this following blog post Abavideonews will highlight 7 of these considerations to help you make an informed decision. This is about what direction to take when selecting a solution for your business needs.

Customer support

The level of customer support provided by the company making the product available as a service (e.g., does it offer live chat?). What is their wait time? Does it have an online community forum where users can share tips & tricks? They’ve found it useful in using that particular SaaS solution. Is there a dedicated customer service hotline?


The level of security provided by the SaaS. How does it address issues such as hardware failure, data breaches and user authentication challenges (e.g., two factor authorization)? What type of encryption is in place to protect your credit card information or sensitive client data? Do you have control over who has access to what portion(s) of your content? Is there any form of disaster recovery plan should their server crash or be compromised for some reason? Are backups taken automatically so that if something goes wrong with one machine they don’t lose all their data?

User friendliness

The ease at which a software company can expand its product offerings without having an adverse effect on their current customers. The level of user friendliness offered by the software company. In terms of how they manage and maintain your account, technical support, training materials. As well as live demos or walkthroughs for new users.

Third party solution

The ease at which you can integrate a third party solution with this SaaS provider’s product to enhance its use or functionality. This includes external integrations such as Google Analytics to track website traffic data; Slack integration when using HipChat for team communication; MailChimp integration if your marketing campaign is too large for your existing email client application?

The availability of an online community where you can interact with other businesses who are also utilizing this SaaS provider’s product. The level of engagement with the community, such as how many members are there. Also what types of discussions take place on their forums. The availability to add or remove features from your package.

Customize software products

The ability for IT staff to customize software products provided through this channel by adding new functions or upgrades that may not be included in the original offering(s). For example: customizing a website template offered by Website Builder X. So that when someone clicks on a particular button they’re directed to another page. Instead of being redirected back to where they came from after submitting content online more commonly known as A/B testing in the digital marketing world.

Export all content

The availability to export all content from that particular SaaS solution at one time. So you can back up their files on your own computer for safekeeping purposes just in case something goes wrong with their system (e.g., is there an option within control panel settings to download everything?).

The number of licenses you are looking for and the size of your team

The software license package needs to be large enough to accommodate the total number of users on your team. The more people you have, the greater need for a larger package (e.g., if you plan on adding an additional license in six months and then another one again 12 months later).

The level at which this SaaS provider offers customer support

This is important because when using any type of software product there’s bound to come up with questions that need answering or problems that require fixing. So having access to their dedicated team 24/hrs per day will help minimize downtime. As well as potential data breaches due to security lapses by not being able to address these issues quickly.

Price comparison between different providers

The cost should reflect how many licenses are included in the package. The level of customer support offered and how many features are included. The more you buy into a particular SaaS provider’s product, the lower your monthly cost will be (e.g., if there is an all you can eat type plan which includes unlimited use).

The amount of storage space provided

The total volume required to store materials on their servers. Make sure it offers enough room for storing files that may grow in size over time such as video content created by company employees or marketing campaign videos uploaded for external promotion purposes. The best way to find out what they provide before signing up with them is to request a demo from one of their representatives. If not, then contact other companies who also offer this type of software in order to do a comparison. The storage space should be at least proportional with the number of licenses you want to purchase. How often that content is updated or changed in size over time (e.g., video footage).

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