How To Decline Content In Different Formats?

Stand out, generate engagement, gain notoriety, and multiply the impact of the same content… There are many good reasons for offering content in different formats. How to go about it? Which formats to turn to? WAM-Referencing gives you some advice.

The top 3 tips for developing content

It is obvious, declining content in different formats does not consist in launching headlong into repeating the same information on all possible distribution channels. It is necessary to respect certain rules to decline its contents in a relevant way.

1. Find the format (s) adapted to your target

One of the priorities when you want to embark on content variation is to ask yourself what types of formats would be likely to arouse the interest of your audience. In other words, avoid declining content on Snapchat or Tikor if most of the Internet users you target are in their thirties.

Likewise, it is important to broadcast the right format on the right distribution platform. For example, if you want to decline content in a very short format, prefer social networks such as Instagram or Twitter to distribute it effectively with the help of Create A Wikipedia Profile Page. The format must therefore be adapted to your target, but also to its distribution platform.

2. Don’t lose sight of your goal

There are many good reasons to decline your content: gain visibility, generate traffic, multiply the impact of the same content, etc. But as with any publication, the main objective is to provide quality productions to Internet users, with real added value.

Even if it is a declined content, your brand image is at stake and the content as the form must therefore be treated. Therefore, there is no point in declining your content just to “use” a format. The interest of the variation of contents must be notable, and the quality always there.

3. Vary the formats

The variation of content finds its interest in the diversity of formats that you are able to offer to Internet users. So don’t hesitate to vary the formats as much as possible, so as not to tire your Internet users.

What variations of formats to favor according to its objective?

Do you want to know which formats to adopt to decline your content? It all depends on your intention first. Here are some ideas of formats – non-exhaustive list – to favor according to your objectives. To define them, we can also speak of “snack content “, these formats that are easily and quickly consumed.

Infographic to explain a complex concept

If you have written blog content on a more or less complex subject, infographics can be the perfect solution to make the information contained in your article more digestible. Beyond explaining the content, infographic also has the merit of improving the user experience of your Internet users and making the consumption of your content more pleasant.

Podcasts to showcase your expertise

We could not talk about the variation of content without mentioning, of course, podcasts. These allow you to reach a target that is sometimes more in a hurry, who can listen to your audio content in the car, for example. Above all, this format is ideal for demonstrating your expertise, while creating a close bond with your target, who can identify you with a voice and a tone. Even on a complex subject, the podcast is a great idea to decline your content, because it is easily consumed.

The photo quote as a vector of proximity to your target

The quote photo consists of displaying an interesting, original and impactful quote, accompanied by a worked design. It allows you to highlight the passage of a video interview, a blog article or one of your services or products. If the extract is well chosen, this type of variation makes it possible to communicate by generating a certain proximity, interesting to promote the engagement of Internet users.

A meme to generate engagement with humor

Fostering engagement is also the mission made possible by memes – those viral images, photos or videos personalized with humor. The meme is one of those snack content that can be very effective in gaining notoriety quickly.

Gifs to capture attention in a fun way

The gif, too, allows you to decline content in a rather fun and playful way. These are short moving images that rotate in a loop. This aspect makes it possible to attract the attention of your Internet users, in a light and entertaining way.

Short posts to convey a simple idea

Short posts in the form of texts or videos can also be a great idea to decline your content in a relevant way. Identify one or two key ideas from your content or a few talking numbers, and transpose them into a video or a very short and impactful text. The short video also has the advantage of visually representing a product to your audience. It is particularly suitable for social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or even Tikor. The short text, meanwhile, can quite find its place on LinkedIn.

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