How Did The Audio-Based Clubhouse Clone Emerge As The Recent Trending Business Platform?

The current buzz is the social media trends. They have the entire world pocketed through simple apps. With the improvements, every app is getting updated, and there are vast opportunities for new apps to flourish in the market.

Especially unique apps like Clubhouse have wider opportunities to flourish. They created a huge buzz in the social media sector and now are trying to strengthen their stand. 

Irrespective of investors flooding to invest in Apps like Clubhouse, they are also most likely to launch one for them as its outbreak has a huge impact on society. Here let us discuss how these Audio based social media app like Clubhouse have been emerging. 

Clubhouse and it working

An app facilitating audio chat facility with interacting and engaging features that kindles the spirit to talk to each other and communicate easily is now happening through Clubhouse in a very casual mode.  

The users here are given options to be the host and join the conversation along with other users. Initially, this was launched with the Invite only feature that the users cant directly sign up in the app. They need an invite or approval from the existing user in the app to join the platform. Whereas now, this feature is taken and open to any one and everyone to use the app conveniently.

All the invited users will be provided with an option to interact with the users in the app. There are rooms, groups, and private forums to interact and discuss with each other. The user can either be an active participant being on the speaker side. Or else they can be a passive audience listening to the conversations. With the Rise hand option, they can move from the listener end to the speaker space. Similarly, if the conversation didn’t sound familiar or boring, they can use the Leave quietly option to exit. 

Interesting Numbers of Clubhouse app since its launch in 2020

  • The app has witnessed a whopping  18million downloads  in less than one year of its launch.
  • It was during February 2021. The app reached 10million users.
  • And by March, the Global reach of the app increased. 
  • The estimated value of this Audio-based Social media app is $1billion. 
  • Nearly 180 investors have believed and invested in the app.
  • With the appearance of Elon musk in the app for the first time, its number skyrocketed, nearing 5 million users in its initial days.

Fundamentals for your Clubhouse Clone App

The content matters, and here for your Audio-based social media platform like Clubhouse, its features play a very important role in easing and improving its performance. Here we go with the features of the Clubhouse clone app.

  • Sign in facilities

The user downloads and installs the app. And then, they are directed to the sign-in page. The basic details are provided, and the users can directly log into their account. But at the time of its launch, this was an invite only app that needed acceptance from the users in the app.

  • Profile Management

The users are provided with individual user profiles, and they can conveniently manage that. They can easily edit and update their bio, photo, link with other social media accounts, friend list, and others. The date of joining and the person who admitted the user would be reflected on their profile, which cannot be changed.

  • Rooms

The highlight feature of the Clubhouse is its rooms. These are forums created by the users to communicate with each other and discuss various topics. These rooms have two options, and the open rooms allow any user to join in the forum, while closed rooms restrict this. 

  • Clubs

The clubs here are like groups found on Facebook and other social media apps. Users can create groups to communicate with their team and other like-minded people through direct intimations. Whenever the group is active, the members are notified. The group can add any number of new members to the group and increase their circle.

  • Notifications

For every simple activity happening the app related or correlated to the users, the app notifies them in real-time. Regarding app updates, active room, upcoming events, scheduled events, and others are duly notified. When the user’s friends have joined any room like a speaker, the users are also notified. 

  • Search Option

The search option is improved and enables users to search profiles, groups, and rooms easily. 

Newly improved versions of Audio-based apps like Clubhouse 

As the app emerged as an audio-based social media platform, its new version is now upgraded with 

  1. In-app chat facility
  2. Online Visibility
  3. Closed room
  4. Group Chat on/off feature 
  5. Multi-language scripts

Does the world need a new Social Media app with different functionalities?

The existing phenomenon in the social media industry has many drawbacks, yet they sustain in the market with global visibility for their increased popularity. Most of the current social media platforms facilitate text, video, image. At the same time, Audio was used as an alternative feature. 

And on the other hand, these platforms lost their hype due to the number of chaos recently happening in the social media platform, which is entirely deviating and depressing the purpose of the social media apps. Users are looking to engage themself in a new forum with credibility. 

Through apps like Clubhouse, this was conveniently eased with their new Audio-based feature. As they completely built the app with audio option elimination video, images, and texts. The app is convenient and has a built-in microphone for smartphones, making the app more user-friendly and engaging. Moreover, these apps do not store any data of the users. The audio discussion features to ease the user with comfort than video discussion. This makes the conversation more comfortable.

All these factors add a bonus to the app to build and launch similar Audio-based social media platforms like the Clubhouse Clone. The world is looking for alternatives every single day for a variety of reasons. And an alternative social media tool, why do they say when it is more convenient.

Final verdict

Audio chat apps like Clubhouse are an amazing choice to ease conversations with people and boost global interaction. To build an effective app with efficiency, get it developed from experienced developers in the field. 

Clubhouse Clone app has a wide range of opportunities for the Entrepreneur to invest and perish. These apps have already gained huge popularity among the audience. If you are looking out for a good opportunity to invest and launch a social media app, here you have it right now. Utilize this chance to establish a Clubhouse clone app and meet the global trend with global interaction.

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