What Redfin Agents Could Help You Find the Best Home

When it comes to buying a new home, you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. That may mean having help from the experts of your real estate agents! Redfin has developed an online tool that can help people find and compare homes in their desired location in order to buy or sell. Agents don’t currently have access to the tool, so we need your help! If you’re familiar with Redfin’s tools, tell us what could be improved on this site so that agents can more effectively serve their clients. Join the conversation and help us improve Redfin Home with the help of Your Name Here Now!

New Agents Have a Choice: Redfin Agent or Walk Away As new agents, it’s important to understand the value of the tools Redfin provides. Now that we’re up and running, we’d love your feedback on this tool and how you might use it with your clients. What do you think of it? Why do you think New York agents would benefit from using this site rather than a traditional agent? 

Redfin Listing Tools: Location 

Your new home search starts with location. We’ve developed several tools to help you find out more about the different neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for a neighborhood with a family-friendly environment or something more trendy, we can show you where to live!

Redfin Listing Tools: Schools 

If schools are important to your family, then school boundaries are one of the most important pieces of information when searching for a new home. We have created an easy way to find out which schools your kids will be attending. You can even search for new homes based on specific schools!

Redfin Listing Tools: Maps 

We’ve provided maps for every listing on our website, so that you can explore your area in greater detail. You can view them on the site or download them in a variety of formats, such as PDF or PNG.

Redfin Listing Tools: Rooms

The different rooms in your home are important to see so you can get an idea of how much you’ll like it before making the jump. We have created tools that allow you to look at every room in a home so you can see which one is best for you.

Redfin Listing Tools: Photos

Thirty years ago, it was considerably more difficult to find high-quality photos of homes for sale. Today, you can view dozens of photos online to get a better idea of what your new home will look like. We’ve created tools that allow you to browse and view photos on an interactive map so that you can make the best decision about whether to see your home in person.

Redfin Agent Program: Redfin Home 

As agents, we know how difficult it is for buyers and sellers alike to find each other in the current real estate market. That’s why we’ve implemented our Agent Program as part of a new website called Redfin Home . Redfin Home will allow agents to access many of the tools and resources they already use to help their clients.

If you are a new agent who would like access to the Agent Program, please sign up here!

Join the Conversation! 

Thank you for joining us on our blog today! In order to get more feedback from agents, let us know what your favorite features and functions are on Redfin Home . If there are specific things that you think current agents should know, take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Please note that all information will be kept confidential.

Redfin Listing Tools: Virtual Tours 

Redfin has developed tools that allow virtual tours of homes for sale or for rent. With our virtual tours, you can look at the floor plan of the home to see if it has a room you’d like. You can also view an actual photo of each room to see how much you like it!

Redfin Listing Tools: Neighborhoods 

One of the most important aspects of finding a new home is deciding which neighborhood you want to live in. We have several tools that will allow you to search for homes based on neighborhoods. Some of them are zip codes and school districts.

Redfin Listing Tools: Mortgage Calculator 

When buying or selling a home, financing is an important aspect. We have developed a tool that allows you to calculate how much the house will cost you. This can be calculated with different types of loans, such as FHA and VA.

Redfin Listing Tools: Price Analysis

Of course, the price of a home is important when buying or selling. We have several tools that allow you to analyze different aspects of a home’s price. The aspects are such as square footage, year built and more. You can even see the history of pricing for homes in an area. So you can see if prices are going up or down.

Redfin Agent Network: The 5-Star Experience

Do you know your agents? 

You can find information on the entire Redfin Agent Network in this handy infographic!

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