Geek Out With The World’s Best Computer Systems

If you’re a Geek and want to Geek Out, then the Geek Out Show is for you! The Geek-out show takes you on a tour of the world’s best computer systems. Hear about the latest in technology, software development, and gaming from around the globe. With over 12 years of experience in these fields, Ncreportcards have more than enough knowledge to keep your brain buzzing with excitement!

The Geekout podcast is where Greeks come to geek out!

It includes interviews with people who are working at or have done work for some of the biggest names in tech like Intel and Microsoft. As well as lectures by experts from all over the country that we’re sure will excite your brain cells! We also talk about topics such as programming and game development. Geek out with us!

GeekOutShow has been publishing content since 2012. The site’s mission statement is “to provide its readers with Geek-centric content, as well as a platform to share their Geeky interests.

Geek out on some of the world’s best computer systems!

Geek Out With The World’s Best Computer Systems Geeks out on some of the world’s best computer systems! This list has been compiled with a few examples of what you can do when using these powerful machines. These are not just any computers; they are incredibly fast, reliable, and have never let me down before in my many years working with them. Let’s geek out together about these awesome systems that we use every day at work or school for various projects; from design programs to CAD software.


A laptop is lightweight and portable, so it’s perfect for taking with you to class or work. The battery life on a laptop is usually anywhere from three hours up to ten hours . It depends on the type of computer and how much power it needs to run your programs. For instance, heavier laptops weigh more than ones that have less memory. Since they’re lighter, these computers also need fewer ports. This means there are only two USB slots instead of six or eight options like in a desktop computer.

Facts about laptops:

The first laptop was created by Eberhard Kienow in 1941.

A tablet can be used as an all-in-one device. Because it comes with a touch screen keyboard and mouse within the actual body of the tablet. They’re great if you want something small enough to carry around without carrying too many items at once!


A desktop computer is larger than a laptop and usually has more storage. This means you can store pictures, videos, music, or anything else that takes up space on your hard drive. Your desktop doesn’t have to be on your desk all the time; you can put it in a different room at home, or even move it around from one location to another.


A tablet is like an iPad with more advanced features and specifications that allow for things such as word processing programs or emailing clients. It’s perfect if you already own a keyboard so that way you don’t need any extra equipment!

Facts about tablet: 

Tablet computers were invented in the late 1960s and are defined as a part of an electronic device. It has a display screen with liquid crystal or LED touch input features, which can be used for displaying information such as images, games, movies, etc.. But they cannot run applications like word processing software.

Geeky Facts About Computers:

  • The first computer was created by Charles Babbage in 1834 – this machine used punch cards.
  • In 1991 about $450,000 worth of copper wire (about 33 miles) was found inside an abandoned IBM factory they had been left there during WWII due to rationing.
  • The first computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964 and patented in 1970. It originally cost $120,000 to produce the mouse for what would become a standard part of any desktop computer system.

Geeky Facts About Programs:

Microsoft Windows is one of the most famous operating systems on earth with over two billion users worldwide! They maintain a 20% market share even though there are nine other major OSs available such as Mac OS or Linux. This means that if you use an Apple product like an iPhone or iPad, then your device will be running this operating system. Because it’s required to run these devices programs which come preloaded on them from Apple themselves, unlike Android where you have more freedom to download other programs.

Telephone invention

In 1878, the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and while it has evolved into a completely different device than what we use today. It is still considered one of the most important inventions in world history. Because even though there are around six billion people on earth many don’t have access to modern society’s technology like phones or computers!

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