Built-in wardrobes: An excellent option

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The Fitted wardrobes Sutton Coldfield are a good choice for order within any home. They help to save, organize and beautify the space, to the point of being able to disappear from sight if we design them for that. And the best thing is that we can place them in any space in the house: in the bedrooms, the kitchen, the terrace, the dining room, or even in studios and workshops.

In this article, we will tell you all the details about built-in wardrobes, and we will be illustrating each tip with beautiful images. Because you know that we want to make your life easier.
What are built-in wardrobes?
To start well, let’s say what are built-in wardrobes. In short: built-in wardrobes are closed furniture with doors, which, like any other wardrobe, can include shelves, shelves, coat racks, drawers or drawers. But they have the special characteristic that they are manufactured, not as a separate piece of furniture, but embedded in the wall of the room where they are located, so that their only visible part is the front, in addition to being highly personalized.

If they are designed in harmony with colors and shapes with the walls and other elements of the room, their beauty can be dazzling.
In fact, if they remain closed, built-in closets can be mistaken for walls. Proper decoration helps in this: the rolling or opening gears are taken out of sight, lamps are added to the doors, or they are even decorated with pictures and other decorations. We will return to this later.

As we will also see later, the doors of the built-in wardrobes can be sliding doors (that open and close in a linear direction running through channels, either with or without wheels) or hinged doors (that open and close in a circular direction, rotating on the axis of hinges or bolts). The built-in wardrobe is known as a wardrobe or closet.

Mounting of sliding doors in built-in wardrobes

If, as we have said, one of the main objectives of built-in wardrobes is to save space and disappear from view, to this we can add that sliding doors (instead of traditional hinged doors) are an element that provides even more comfort, ease of use and elegance to this type of wardrobe.

The mounting of Sliding wardrobes Birmingham is an art. It is not just about the doors running in a linear direction instead of opening outwards. Aesthetics also count a lot, in terms of the sliding door ceasing to be a visible mechanical device, thanks to the fact that its gear disappears from view.

Another important point is that its use does not cause noise, or not too much. The mounting of sliding doors in built-in wardrobes can be done in such a way that several doors (even 5 or 6), slide until occupying only one of the spaces so that all the contents of the built-in wardrobe are visible. This can be very useful when organizing, cleaning, or ventilating it.

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If you need to finish conditioning the Built in sliding wardrobe of the house of your dreams and turn it into that home you have always wanted, contact us to finish dressing the wardrobes and thus make the most of each corner of them, placing drawers of three, four or more drawers, made to measure with quality fittings, fixed or removable shoe racks with or without front, bars for hanging clothes, shelves, trouser racks, and all kinds of accessories. Manufactured all, entirely to measure, in our bedroom Gallery in United kingdom


The decision is up to you. We can make your custom dressing room without doors with all kinds of accessories, drawers, removable shoe racks, trouser racks, coat racks, shirt racks … or if you prefer we can protect your privacy. If you have a dressing room and you want to put doors on it, we will take care of it. Always with an exclusive design and the best quality in united kingdom

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