How to Build the Ultimate Movie Buff Collection

Collecting movies is an awesome hobby. It’s a fun way to step into new worlds, experience different cultures and meet interesting people in the process. How do you get started? How do you determine what movies are worth your time? How can you organize your collection so it looks great on the shelf and at the same time make it easy to find what you’re looking for when a friend comes over with movie night plans? Read this blog post by Orzare from start to finish then put these tips into action!

  • How to organize your movie collection?
  • How many movies should I collect before it becomes a problem?
  • What are the most common types of movie collections people build and why?
  • How do you choose what will go in my own personal library at home or at work?
  • How much storage space is available for building this collection in our homes, apartments, office spaces, etc.?
  • Do we have enough room on shelves currently or would we need to buy more shelving units first then fill them up with DVDs/BluRay discs/videos/etc.?
  • Who else lives with us (children) that might use some of these shelves as their “space”? Would they be able to handle having to share?
  • How do you organize your DVD collection by genre, alphabetically, etc.? How many shelves should I have for these movie collections in my home if space is limited and the shelves are not adjustable like when they’re built into a wall or bookcase?
  • How long can DVDs be stored before there’s an issue with them degrading from being out of circulation so much (i.e., more than five years)?
  • What happens after that point? How does one go about finding replacement copies at this stage since it may become rarer as time goes on because people stop making movies on physical discs altogether and move over exclusively to digital distribution methods online instead.
  • Are all types of BluRay discs equally affected by this problem? How long do BluRay discs typically last before they degrade and become unwatchable, for instance?”

How to Organize Your Movie Collection:

The first thing we want to consider is how much space we have available. Make sure that there’s enough room on shelves or other storage units before buying anything else because if not well, you’re going to have a problem! How do we know if there’s enough room on shelves? We usually need enough space for our longest DVDs (plus some extra) so make sure the shelves are deep and wide enough before adding anything else.

Next up, what type of collection would be best suited for us?

There are many different types of collections that people build and everyone has their own reasons or interests. Some examples include: by genre, alphabetically, chronological order, etc., but in this article I’m only going to focus on two common types which are movie libraries at home with limited shelving options and office storage units where DVD/BluRay discs can just sit around waiting to be watched again after watching them once already.

How many movies should I collect before it becomes a problem?

You’re not going to build an ultimate movie buff collection in a day, so don’t worry about it. Just buy what you want when you find them on sale or for cheap.

Try storing your DVD cases by genre (e.g., horror) and alphabetically within that category. You could also store them by release date if you have enough space this way, all things released before say 1990 will be together at the bottom shelf!

Once again: just buy what interests you but try to keep track of which DVDs are missing from any given series and prioritize getting those first because they’ll be the most expensive to buy later.

How do I get rid of my old DVDs?

Sell them, give them away or donate them! You might also try asking friends and family if they want any before you decide what to do with the rest. There are several apps that allow for easy reselling on eBay or Craigslist so it’s never been easier than now!

What are the most common types of movie collections people build and why?

People may want a large collection for variety, or they may want to collect all the Oscar winners. They could also be collectors who have one specific type of genre in mind, such as animation or documentaries. Whatever your preference is, there’s probably someone out there with similar tastes! Some families choose to create themed sets like Star Wars or Marvel action figures which can include DVDs and Blu-rays too. The options really are endless when it comes to building an epic video library on home entertainment center shelves around the world!

What is my budget?:

$0-$20 per month on DVD purchases. Higher budgets can be allocated according to preference. Consider streaming if your budget is higher than this range. Purchasing or renting digital content instead of physical discs may save money in the long run as well as having instant access whenever desired. Streaming services like Netflix offer an affordable solution at just over $11 per month.

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