Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies

A Friday night meltdown is a post which highlights the different types of movies. This includes discussing plots, ratings, genres and any other major aspects about each movie in detail. In this type of content, you will not only review one movie but many over time with new Friday posts to come out every Friday evening for your enjoyment!

Each Friday evening we will discuss a few (or more) movies that have been released recently or are coming soon to theaters near you  our focus here at The Misfit Movie Blogger. We’ll talk about what makes it worth seeing as well as highlighting any flaws these films may have had along the way so there’s always something redeeming too! It might be an action-packed thriller, a romantic comedy or some Friday night comfort food take your pick!

Do you love Friday night movies?

I’ll briefly introduce the movie and its director before diving into all the juicy details. We are looking at two major aspects: plot and acting/directing. Plot will cover what type of story is being told, any surprises along the way as well if it’s an adaptation from another medium like book or comic (in which case we might also talk about other media). Acting covers how well each actor plays their part while directing looks into who they were able to convince us with their storytelling skills.

There are so many different types of movies out there, it can be hard to keep track. Here Abavideonews provides a list of the most popular movie genres and what Friday Night Meltdown thinks about them:

Action Films

These are perfect Friday movies if you’re not feeling up to thinking too much or being challenged by your nightly activity. There is usually plenty of action going on so they make great picks when you need something easy to watch but still want an exciting thrill ride; these films often have lots of car chases, running scenes, fights, etc. Some examples include Mission Impossible, Face/Off and Sully.


If there’s one Friday night activity that we can all agree on, it’s Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies! You might not be in the mood for a deep or scary movie Friday night and you could use some laughs. Here are three great comedies to watch with your friends: Bridesmaids, This is 40 and Friends With Kids


If you’re feeling frisky but also want something like Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies, check out these movies! They really challenge what Friday movies can do by testing our thoughts about how life would work if different things existed (aliens) or didn’t exist at all (flying cars!). Examples include Jumper, Alien and Blade Runner

Independent Films

Friday night movies Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies are used to being challenged by new ideas, but these films will take you Friday movie nights in a completely different direction. They’re usually more thought-provoking and less action-packed. Think about what it’s like when one part of our lives changes for the better or worse without any warning.

Cult Classics

Who doesn’t love Friday movie nights? These types of movies are great picks for sitting back and enjoying some popcorn while watching something that has an awesome cast but is still underappreciated compared to other popular


If your Fridays need more Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies Friday night movies, these should do the trick! They are all about life and social issues.

Animated Films

If you’re looking for something to watch Friday movie nights with your little ones (or just want a break from reality), this is it! These films usually have characters that kids love like Disney’s Frozen or Pixar’s Toy Story. Examples include An American Tail, Monsters Inc., Up and Finding Nemo


What could be more Friday than watching some things go wrong? It might sound sad but think about how good you’ll feel when they get better again on Saturday morning; sometimes there isn’t Friday movie Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies like Friday movies that are all about people facing the worst things life can throw at them and coming out stronger on Friday night’s end.


If you’re looking for a good scare, these films could be it! These types of Friday movies will make your heart race as they try to get under your skin with scars big (Friday the 13th) or small (The Ring).

Examples of these types of movies:

  • Mission Impossible
  • Bridesmaids
  • Jumper, Alien and Blade Runner
  • An American Tail, Monsters Inc.,  Up and Finding Nemo
  • Friday the 13th, Friday Night Meltdown: The Different Types of Movies.
  • The Ring
  • Face/Off
  • This is 40
  • Friends With Kids
  • The Ring

When it comes to movies there is an endless array of genres and plots which can leave anyone with some serious Friday night meltdown anxiety. But fear not because today’s post isn’t going to offer up any advice on how to cope. Instead we are looking at different types of movies for your viewing pleasure!

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