Comprehensive Guide to Finding a Great Voiceover Producer

You have a script, you know what it is going to say and how it will sound. You also know the voice you want for your video project’s narrator. Now all that’s left to do is find someone who can deliver it with style.

The process of finding a great voiceover producer may seem simple but there are many aspects to consider before making any decisions about who best suits your needs. This blog post breaks down the steps you need to take in order to find an appropriate match for your project and walks through some of the most important questions you’ll need answers to like “How much should I pay?” or “What type of samples should I request?”

In this blog post Febraf will cover everything you need to know about finding and working with a great voiceover producer. You’ll learn what the different types of producers are, how much they usually charge, and their most important skills that make them stand out from others.

Search for a quality voiceover

The first step in your search for a quality voiceover is deciding on which type of producer best suits your needs: agency-based or independent contractor? Agency-based means having one person who handles all aspects of production while an independent contractor can help you choose the right talent without being involved beyond providing samples (or only handling some aspect of production). A big factor affecting this decision will be where you live as agencies may not exist in certain areas but there’s still plenty available country-wide.

What is the right price for a voiceover producer?

The common range for rates vary from $150-$250 an hour but can be higher or lower depending on qualifications, experience, and notoriety of talent. Usually you’ll get what you pay for so it’s worth finding someone who specializes in your type of production even if they’re more expensive than other options (as long as quality matches).

How much should I pay a voiceover producer?

This depends on the type of production you’re looking for and what qualifications they have. If your project is less than an hour long, rates can start at $150/hour while projects over two hours may need someone with more experience costing anywhere from $250-$500 an hour. It’s best to ask about their specific rate prior to hire but be prepared that it will depend heavily on where you live (as agencies won’t exist in all areas).

What should I request from the producer?

  • It depends on what type of production you’re looking for and what qualifications they have but there are some basic guidelines at every level:
  • If possible, ask them about any experience working in an industry similar to yours (this will make sure their samples match your script)
  • Ask how many people can work on the project concurrently so as not to incur extra costs due to their availability
  • Carefully review sample scripts before accepting anything that doesn’t fit with your own expectations. A good way is to ask for a few samples and then choose the one that is closest to what you need.
  • If they’re producing an audio clip, request a different type of sample if it doesn’t seem like their voice will work for your script

How do I find great talent?

This largely depends on where you live as agencies may not exist in certain areas but there’s still plenty available country-wide. For those who don’t have access to agencies, another option is hiring an individual producer which can be much more expensive (in order to get someone with high credentials). A good way to start this process is by narrowing down the types of producers based on budget or skill set so you know how best to bid when trying out potential candidates.

Don’t settle with the first person you hear!

Take time out to search for more than one professional before hiring them. Find out about their past projects by looking at their portfolio site (which should have examples). This way, if there doesn’t seem like enough variety, you can expand your search.

Ask the producer’s price for their service and inquire about any additional fees related to travel expenses or long hours this will help you plan accordingly!

Make sure they are willing to work

Before signing on with one voiceover producer, make sure they are willing to work within your deadline. Many professionals have a set number of projects that they can handle at once so if yours is outside these deadlines it may not be possible to get done in time (and might cost more).

Make sure the person has enough experience doing what you need them for, such as voicing commercials versus narrating animation videos. There are different styles of voices and some people specialize in certain types!

Talk with them about what you need

Once you’ve found someone whose style you like, talk with them about what you need. You might want to discuss the tone of your commercial or if they can provide an audio book narration for a children’s story. They should be able to give you examples and samples that correspond with these types!

Take all this information into consideration before hiring someone; it will make for a smoother process down the line.

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