11 Must-See Movies for Your Fall and Winter Hours

Fall and winter are the most wonderful times of year. It’s a time for various holidays, family get-togethers, and curling up on your couch with some hot cocoa to watch 11 must-see movies!

For this article Ilventofailsuogiro will be counting down 11 great films that you should watch during these cold months whether it is by yourself or as part of a group gathering.

First place: Crazy Rich Asians

Based on the bestselling book, this movie is a cultural phenomenon that follows Rachel Chu as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore and learns more about new money than old money could ever teach her.

Second place: Avengers Infinity War

This is one of those movies where you should expect the unexpected- it has everything from galactic battles to emotional journeys for our beloved heroes who are all trying their hardest to stop Thanos before he collects all six infinity stones and destroys half of humanity with the snap of his fingers!

Third Place: 11 Things I Hate About You

An adaptation based on Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew, this remake tells the story of Patrick Verona, a popular high school kid who comes up with 11 reasons why he hates his newest neighbor, the strong-willed and beautiful Kat Stratford.

Fourth Place : 11/22/63

A novel by Stephen King is turned into an epic event series that tells the story of James Franco’s character as he travels back in time in order to prevent President Kennedy from being assassinated. The show has everything you could want from drama, romance, suspenseful action sequences, and complex historical detail all while exploring what would happen if John F. Kennedy was never assassinated on November 22nd 1963!

Fifth place: 11 Days In North Korea

This documentary follows filmmakers Morten Traavik and Ami Horowitz as they make their way through 11 days in North Korea to see what it is really like.

Sixth place: The Shape of Water

A story about a mute woman who falls in love with an amphibious creature that has been captured by the government, this movie takes us on a journey through her perspective and explores themes of sexuality, social class, disability rights while also following our protagonist’s quest for freedom as she escapes into the outside world.


A comedy starring Ken Jeong, 11 RULES FOR DATING MY DAUGHTERS follows 11 rules that are laid out to protect his two daughters from heartbreak and bad boys.

Eighth place: 11 Minutes

An intense film following a man who enters the state’s correctional system as an inmate for 11 minutes but is determined to make every second count.

Ninth Place : Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner was one of those movies that became instant cult classics due to its unique visuals, themes like mortality and humanity in artificial intelligence, and interesting characters so it should come as no surprise when I say this sequel does not disappoint! It takes us 30 more years into the future where new Blade Runners are on a mission to find skin jobs: replicants that have illegally returned from space and gone AWOL.

Tenth Place : “The Snowman.”

This thriller has been compared to the likes of David Fincher’s “Seven” and Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” so you know it will be good. The movie follows detective Harry Hole, a man who can’t help but find similarities between the murders that he investigates and one terrible crime from his past. It stars Michael Fassbender as Detective Harry Hole, Rebecca Ferguson as Katrine Brattan, John Hurt as Professor Jon Sorteberg and yes! Val Kilmer appears on screen for the first time since 2013 with this film!

Eleventh place: 11 Blocks

This movie follows 11 blocks in the Bronx, New York as we meet 11 different characters who have all found themselves caught up with 11 life-changing decisions.

Twelfth Place: 11 Birthdays

A coming of age story about 11 year old Tom and his best friend Henry’s adventures over a span of eleven birthdays that includes first kisses, fist fights, celebrations and other memorable events along their journey to adulthood!

Thirteenth place: “The Taking Of Deborah Logan.”

In this film based on true events, when mother Deborah Logan is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at 66 years old she has to face her greatest fear of becoming one of those people who can’t remember anything – but then something unexplainable happens. 11 days before her 67th birthday, Deborah wakes up to find bruises on her arm – and she has no idea why they’re there.

Fourteenth Place : “The Shack.”

This film tells the story of Mackenzie “Mack” Phillips, who has long ago put his shattered past behind him. When he receives a letter from someone claiming to be his daughter’s kidnapper demanding ransom money 11 years after her abduction, it rocks him back to reality and forces Mack to confront hidden truths about himself as well as dark secrets that were never meant for this world.

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