Remarketing Vs Retargeting Which One Suites your Digital Marketing Strategy

While in association with a digital marketing expert, you come across several marketing terms that are new to you.

Two of the most popular terms used by PPC experts are “Remarketing”, and “Retargeting”.

Even, if you look for profit-oriented digital marketing services to push your digital presence to new heights. Then also, you will find your marketing strategy depends on the mentioned terms.

Well, both remarketing and retargeting sounds similar, still there is a major difference between the two.

Most important, either remarketing could be profitable for your business strategy or remarketing.

So, to understand which one should impact your digital marketing efforts, let us go deep dive inside between the two.

What is Remarketing in the Digital Marketing?

Remarketing is the process of re-engaging an already interested customer in your product or sales and generates sales.

It means you have a prospect that is ready to buy from you and have tried it before but to no avail.

Now, you can remarket your ads to the same customer base via email marketing and boost sales patterns.

What is Retargeting in the Digital Marketing?

When you say customers interacted with you in the past to buy from you, then use retargeting.

In simple words, retargeting is the practice of identifying prospective customers to convert them. For this, marketers use paid media channels like Google Ads, Facebook ads, and more.

The best part of this digital marketing tactic is you know the customer base in terms of products, interest, age, and demographics. You have filtered out the audience to increase the chances of sales.

Similarities & Differences Between Retargeting & Remarketing

It may look like retargeting and retargeting are two sides of the same coin. Despite that, there are some similarities and differences between the two.


* Long Term Objective: Remarketing and retargeting share the common long-term objective of sales, conversions, and retaining for your business.

* Interacted Audience: In both the marketing strategies, you reach straight to the interested customers despite new ones.

* Recognition: Both ways, you are trying to build up and optimize your brand’s image for easy recognition among several people.


* Retargeting uses advertising as the medium of reach the customers. On the other side, email marketing is remarketing.

* Short term goal of retargeting is to increase website traffic, impressions, customer base, and create awareness. On the other side, remarketing focuses more on engagement via emails.

* Retargeting is expensive as compared to remarketing. It is because paid ads cost higher than that simply sending bulk emails to subscribers.

Difference Types of Retargeting

From the above information, you must have got the idea that email marketing is the only type of remarketing.

However, retargeting is not of single types only. It consists of several marketing activities that suit your marketing goals. And, that too divided into On-site and Off-site activities.

On-Site Activities

* Targeting users via different marketing channels like Social Media Websites, Google Search, and Inbound marketing channels.

* Retargeting users who visited your website in the past but did not make the purchase. So, you reach them for major concerns like product viewing, abandoning the cart, email inquiries specific products, etc.

* Targeting customers who interacted with you via email marketing campaign after they clicked on the CTA button.

Off-Site Activities

* Targeting users who have interacted with you through means of distributed content. This includes various channels like Facebook posts, Linkedin posts, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and more.

* Focus on customers who have interacted with a similar kind of Product Company like yours.

How Remarketing is Important for your Business?

Admit the fact that the main thing is generating more sales to boost the overall ROI of your business. Do every way possible to reach and convert customers. Retargeting your effective tool to reach prospective customers due to the following few reasons.

* Remind your users who have earlier visited your platform. Let them go through the well-curate user content, interesting products/services ads, and offers. Make them feel attracted towards your brand while they scrolling on the internet looking for a similar interaction that you offer.

* Create a relevant and long-lasting user experience for customers. Showcase the unique traits of your offerings to the well-curated audience based on behaviour and demographics.

* Most importantly, increase the scope of conversions rather than following the mundane ways of generating sales.

How Retargeting is Important for your Business?

Remarketing is linked with retargeting because of the following:

* Run an email marketing campaign to widen up your customer base and retarget them to increase product buying experiences.

* Personally notify your users with information of discounts, offers, and sales to drive more traffic and repurpose retargeting strategy.

* Send abandoned cart emails to users and let them remind them of their incomplete action. It compels them to go to the website again and make the final purchase.


In this blog, you have got a better understanding of retargeting and remarketing as part of digital marketing service components. They go hand in hand in their own way to enhance web traffic and boost sales.

It all depends on your company’s digital advertising requirements. No matter, what, stay in touch with a reliable digital marketing agency in India that offers both services.

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