A woman can never have enough of her shoes, there is a wide range of choice to pick best for self. And when it comes to flaunting their feet, women want to leave no stones unturned, they want it to showcase their feet in the most aligned way. Sandals are categorized as any open form of footwear that exposes most of your feet and more often, your toes. Sandals are types of shoes that are preferred during the summers as they are high on comfort and style simultaneously.

The best part that we love about sandals is that they are easy to wear, oh-so-comfortable, and go with almost everything. So why not do it the right way, by proudly choosing the right sandals that compliment your look the best way.

But if you are stuck with so many styles available and a bucket full of trends going on and various types of shoes available in the market, how to pick the right one for yourself, then you have landed on the correct place as here is the list of different sandal ideas that any woman can choose from.


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Top loop sandals have always been on top among the different sandal ideas that any woman can choose from. This season is all about toe rings and the toe loop sandal gives it all to you. These types of sandals are easy to slip onto, comfortable to walk in and most importantly they go well with anything you wear. Either you wear a red corset dress or decent casual wear you can always pair it with toe-loop sandals.

Toe-loop sandals are flat and functional footwear, making them a favorite among fashionistas seeking comfort. These days the toe straps footwear is more popular and trending than the toe ring sandals. May it is high heels or flat sliders, toe loop is here to lead the game.


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Different seasons have different preferred styles of footwear. And when it comes to the summer season, saltwater sandals are a must-have dice. This is among the top sandal ideas that any woman can choose from. 

If you are thinking why is it so, that talking of summer brings most of the thought to saltwater sandals and nothing else? The answer is that the saltwater sandals are comfortable to be worn in water, may it be a pool or seashore. These sandals are completely washable and premium sandals that any woman can choose from during the summer season.

These sandals consist of a woven strap design, very comfortable and adjustable ankle strap, and are available in multiple color options to fit all your outfits. These numerous versatility make these sandals a constant choice for not only children but adults as well. Though these sandals are a perfect choice for such a summer season but are also equally suitable to be worn in other seasons as well.

So whether you are planning for a picnic on the poolside or an amusement trip to the seashore, saltwater sandals are always a perfect choice that any woman can choose from. This is why it stands among the top majorly preferred footwears list.


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If you are someone who likes pretty big bows, huge ruffles, colored or natural pompoms, etc, then these embellished sandals are your go-to choice this season. These embellished flat sandals are among the top sandal ideas that any woman can choose from.

All these plus points about these sandals make it one of the best flat footwear of the time. These embellished sandals come to the bride’s rescue when they cannot dance and walk around in high heels at their wedding functions, these sandals act as their savior Embellished sandals are also known as jeweled sandals. If you ask me personally I would prefer a pair of embellished sandals any day over a stiletto as they are eye catchy and high on bling factor at the same time. And if you are a bling lover, this is a pair of sandals that you must have to add sparkle to your embellishing look.


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This is another top sandal idea that any woman can choose from. These types of sandals are a blessing for ladies as they won’t wreck your feet as you walk around. These types of sandals are travel-friendly and a perfect choice for the summer season. These sandals have been given the title of being the ugliest shoe trend ever as they are extremely comfortable.


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The most common and popular type of sandals would be the flip-flop style whenever it comes to women’s footwear. This style is among the top sandal ideas that any woman can choose from. The flip-flop sandals are made with rubber or silicon and are most preferred by teenagers or college-going girls. Some of the major reasons for the popularity of these flip-flop sandals are their simplicity, comfort level, and inexpensive price tags.

These sandals keep your feet cool, are easy to throw in, and come in multiple colors and styles that anyone would love to choose. These sandals do not offer any arch or heel support and to where their one has to them then in toes and walk yet they are elegant, comfortable and a stylish sandal idea that any women can choose from.


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This is another popular sandal idea that any woman can choose from.  These are the most unpolished shoes that have rapidly climbed the ladder of fashion and are among the most trending women’s footwear.  A clog sandal is a kind of sandal or  also a kind of  shoes but altogether it is a good idea of sandals that women these

And the list is never-ending as there is a wide range of sandals available these days, women pick different sandals for different occasions. Above mentioned are some of the best sandal ideas trending these days that any woman can choose from. So go through the list and pick the best suitable pair of sandals to walk aloud on the red carpet.


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