What are the solutions for emptying a house after a death?

Emptying a house (or an apartment) following a death or International movers Dubai moving to a retirement home is not a piece of cake… It is unfortunately an essential step, especially since you are sometimes pressed for time. Unless all the belongings are immediately divided among the heirs, you will have to store some and get rid of others. We have gathered all the solutions available to you to help you in this situation.

  1. Put the deceased’s belongings on consignment
    If you want to delegate the sale of goods, you have the deposit-sale solution. You entrust them to a specialized company that can even pick them up from you.

Together, you will need to estimate the cost of each deal and come to an agreement on the selling price. The trader takes care of the rest and pockets his commission – between 20 and 30% – as soon as the sale is made. As the service manager has every interest in your goods leaving quickly, this solution is quite effective.

  1. Deposit the goods at a second-hand dealer or an antique dealer
    Another solution to offload you without worrying about anything: offer the goods to antique dealers and second-hand dealers. There are many of them and you should not hesitate to put them in competition, because they will try to make you accept the lowest prices to make a larger margin.

Whether it is a second-hand dealer or an antique dealer, the professional must come and make a free estimate and take care of the transport. If you have the slightest hesitation on any object that may be of value, we advise you to seek the advice of an expert such as a notary. During his intervention, you can also ask him for advice depending on the solutions chosen.

  1. Unloading easily thanks to junkyard companies
    What does not interest second-hand dealers and antique dealers and which has no particular value may be of interest to junkyard companies. This solution will not make you money, but it will not cost you either.

The company goes to the home concerned and removes all furniture, objects or clothing that you want to get rid of. A quick solution that will allow you to return or resell the accommodation as quickly as possible. Also note that some of them can take care of cleaning the home after moving.

The entrusted goods will either be deposited at the recycling center or with charitable associations. If this last option is important to you, you can directly contact the work of your choice. Some likeEmmaüs can even come to your home to empty the house if necessary.

  1. Present the estate at auction
    If some goods have a certain market value, why not hire an auctioneer who will take care of their auction?

Be careful though that the sale is large enough to cover all the costs: intervention costs of the auctioneer and commission costs on the auctioned goods. Also, keep in mind the possibility that everything may not be sold on the first sale.

  1. Store objects in a storage unit
    Chances are, you won’t be able to dispose of all the furniture, knick-knacks or clothing all at once. Office movers dubai If this is the case or if you are simply in a hurry and you do not have time to take care of their sale, all you have to do is keep them in a storage room while you find buyers or the necessary space in one of the heirs.

If you opt for this solution, remember to take a photo of each of the goods before they are placed in storage. This will allow you to post your ads with peace of mind directly from your home.

  1. Organize a house sale to sell the goods
    The empty house is very practical, because much like a storage room , you bring customers to you and you do not have to move the business. It is in fact a private sale on site.

Please note, however, that it requires excellent organization. Indeed, on the one hand, you must meet legal obligations and on the other hand, publicize your event, if you want the crowd to flock to come and find good deals and leave with part of the accommodation.

  1. a. What are the legal obligations?
    Check with your town hall, because the rules are not the same everywhere. In general, you need to fill out a form, and provide proof of identity and relationship with the house concerned.

6.b. How to disseminate the sale?
This is the most delicate part, because the objective is to make the holding of your sale known as widely as possible. Put up posters in front of the house (or in front of the apartment), in your neighborhood and publish an advertisement on the Internet: local sites, local newspaper, specialized sites … You can also put an advertisement in the local newspaper in hard copy to reach as many people as possible.

The difficulty with this type of event is that it does not manage to attract enough customers. But if you do it well in advance and multiply the announcements, you will at least be able to reduce the volume of business to be evacuated.

Know that you are only allowed two empty houses per year. However, they can last for several days.

  1. Place classified ads on the Internet
    Le Bon Coin is the reference site for reselling your items or emptying a home, from the most insignificant trinket for a few euros, to large furniture at great value. Movers and packers Dubai The advantage of this site is that people can target their search locally and come directly to look for business with you. You do not run the risk of unpaid bills.

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