Glass partition dubai is a technological new generation partition wall system; it is the main problem solver of problems such as heating, cooling, and lighting. Equipped office partition systems create a personal work area in the area they close while cutting the external connection completely, allowing your office workers to work more efficiently. The system is completely made of 4 and 8 mm aluminum construction. The apparatus and clip systems in the system are steel and are not damaged in impacts and earthquakes.

Office partition offers flexible and dimensional solutions beyond borders. It is an equipped and recyclable product in office interior partition systems. You can find color and model options suitable for innovative modern technology in the system that can be integrated into all your furniture and decorations in the office.

Offering modern glass partition and office partition systems arrangements and innovative workspaces, Glass Mirror offers the opportunity to closely monitor all partition systems by visiting Istanbul offices for all its products. All of our office partition systems are systems that save you time and cost; you can browse our systems and request an architect for your office.

Effective Partition Wall Solutions for Small Offices:

Glass Mirror Office, which set out with the slogan of “effective partition wall in small spaces”, in order to increase the efficiency of the workforce and the use of the existing environment in the spaces without causing loss of space; They are patented, 100% Domestic Made partition wall systems consisting of specially designed modular, glass-to-glass screen panels. It’s more economical, longer-lasting, easier, more hygienic features than traditional and high-tech wall partition systems; offer you a wide range of decorative and decorative products. Office glass partition screen systems provide privacy without compromising the integrity of the space and determine personal space while reinforcing cooperation.

It does not prevent eye contact with other employees in the office, allows daylight, allows personal work, and increases concentration by providing comfort. Our glass-to-glass partition wall systems are compatible with office decoration, offer stylish, decorative, and economical solutions without increasing the cost, and do not restrict the movement area.

The location of the glass partition system can be changed without the need for renovations on the wall, ceiling, or floor, allowing production with materials suitable for existing furniture. It offers economical solutions that do not strain your budget. It offers as wide spaces as you wish with its foldable movable office partitions away from the sense of closed space.

It increases the efficiency of space utilization by putting an end to the loss of space caused by partition systems fixed to the floor or ceiling in narrow environments. It maximizes your freedom of movement. It opens quickly, allowing you to create a custom field. Providing multi-purpose use with its innovative design in which all its components are compatible with each other; Glass Mirror office partition systems and glass partition for shower are made of antibacterial, non-flammable, and recyclable materials. Glass Mirror Office, which has adopted the leadership position in the design and production of movable and fixed partition wall screen systems; It constantly renews itself by continuing its R&D studies with its expert staff, architectural infrastructure.


Our office partition systems can be used as office screens and administrative office partition wall systems with their antibacterial feature and ease of use in places requiring high hygiene. It is stain-proof and can be cleaned easily and quickly with all kinds of cleaning materials.


It is more economical in the medium and long term than traditional office partition systems. Made from durable, long-lasting recycled materials. There is no need to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. It saves labor and time.

Easy to use With its unique carrier system, wheeled or sub-rail system and partition systems do not take up space in the environment they are in when they are assembled. It opens and closes quickly, effortlessly, smoothly, and easily.

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