Why coffee pods are amazing as compared to coffee capsules?

Coffee has evolved from coffee beans to espresso, it has been the top consumed and most loved beverage across the world. The reason why the majority of people loves coffee is because of its refreshing fragrance and awakening taste. From ancient times, people are consuming coffee as their regular morning and evening drink. Generally, the market offers two types of coffee machines that are open and closed. With an open system, various range of brands and different types of single-serve coffee can be used, while in a closed system, both machines and capsules are patent protected that is particular machine can only use specific coffee brands.

Nowadays, single-serve coffee has been on the trend and fastest-growing commodity as it offers a wide range of products. Single-serve capsules can be either Coffee Pods or Coffee capsules. So, you might be confused about which one is better? Though both are similar in many ways that are:

1)      Easy use and service

It is easy to use, you just need to put the pods or capsule in the coffee machine and espresso will be ready in just a few minutes.

2)      Smart preparation

Espresso will be smartly prepared in a minute.

3)      Doesn’t leave residue to be clean

Coffee residues get trapped inside pods or capsules so, it provides fine and filtered smooth coffee.

4)      Standard dosage

In terms of standard dosage, both pods and capsules give the approximate dose of Moka. Both include proper and balanced quantities to offer the perfect espresso taste.

Reasons why most of people prefer pods over capsules!

1)      Percolation and more espresso

Percolation is a method that is used for extracting coffee from pods or capsules. Thanks to the percolation method because it is simple that guarantees the best creamy coffee with a perfect homogeneous taste. The coffee extraction method from pods is very much similar to that of the traditional method.

2)      Eco-sustainability

Pods are totally bio-degradable and sustainable material so, they can be easily recycled and disposed safely. While capsules can’t be recycled or disposed.

3)      Less-harmful

Pods are less harmful, hot water flows through sustainable vegetable paper and it does not leave any residue while in case of a capsule, it leaves residue and it has a high amount of furan that is harmful.

4)      Compatible

Pods come in standard size and most of them are equal in size and shapes that are suitable for all coffee machines. While in the case of capsules, it may not be compatible with the machine that you owe at home or office.

5)      Reliable

As pods are eco-friendly and sustainable, it is also reliable because it doesn’t contain any plastic, metal or harmful material.

Endnote: So, are you a coffee lover whose morning doesn’t start without a cup of delicious coffee? Switch to coffee pods if you consume coffee on the daily basis. Hope you found above blog useful and allow making a better choice from Coffee Capsules and pods. Coffee pods are energy-saving, versatile and ensures flawless espresso coffee.

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