Photovoltaic power generation technology that hits the trend

“Solar energy” is energy that is gaining attention Solar Energy in Pakistan from people around the world. especially in Pakistan According to Google Trends data, in the one year period from July 2018 to July 2019, internet users in Pakistan searched for ‘ Solar cell on Google is the second most in the world after China. Solar panels / Photovoltaics are important devices that play an extremely important role in the harvesting of solar energy. Which is considered an abundant energy resource on earth. By converting the intensity of light from the sun into electricity, while solar panels produce less than 2% of the world’s electricity use today. But solar panels have grown exponentially over the past decade due to the steadily falling prices and advances in solar panel technology Make it easier for the industrial system and the general public to access the solar panel system.

Solar panels at the end of their lifespan

Solar panel waste
In the past, the government had a plan to promote the production of electricity from solar cells to 15,574 megawatts which caused a lot of the remains of solar cells and accessories. which is estimated to cause the amount of waste as high as 6 hundred thousand tons. from case studies from European countries and pakistan It was found that the aforementioned countries attach great importance to the disposal of these wastes and enact clear regulatory lawsn to reduce environmental contamination In particular, the quality enhancement and extraction of rare metals in these wastes and re-entering the industry. As a result, raw materials have stable prices and have sufficient quantity It is considered an important issue for national security. The waste from solar panels In Pakistan this can happen during installation or during use both from unexpected events and maintenance. The last is a panel that has worn out or has reached the end of its lifespan. The composition Solar Panel in Pakistan of the panels such as heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, tellulium, indium, gallium will affect the environment.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare to create people. management structure and knowledge for proper management of expired solar panels and for the benefit of the country in the future by considering the principles of management, law, economics, technology and environment However, most of the electronic waste management in Pakistan is still simple. The price is not very high Quality management with a process that separates the material composition. With the least damage to be recycled, more capital and technology are required. But the question is who should be responsible for the costs incurred, what methods, laws or enforcement would be appropriate for Thailand. These are issues that will need to be debated for further conclusions.

Scrubbing, rubbing, increasing the efficiency of the solar panel.

The power generation performance of a photovoltaic Solar Panels Manufacturer in Pakistan system depends on the selection of the main equipment in the system. The cleanliness of the solar panels is also an important factor in the power generation capacity of the photovoltaic system. According to the study , “the study of clean solar electricity to maintain the hook” with Dr. Jane wise strategic scientific researcher of the Institute of Training and Development Pilot Plant. King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi as project leader A study was conducted to analyze the adhesion of dust or dirt on the solar panel. It was found that after 2 weeks of dust accumulation, the light transmittance decreased by 5.2-9.5% across all wavelengths. By dust and dirt such as bird droppings, the electric current (Isc) is reduced. Most power plants have their panels cleaned about 1-2 months at a time. As for power plants that use cleaning machines, panels will be washed more frequently. From the study, it was found that Thailand has technological potential in the development of industrial automation and solar panel cleaning machines. especially the semi-automatic cleaning machines. (There are people to help in the operation of uncomplicated machines) Reduce the time and cost of cleaning.

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