PEGA vs Salesforce: Which CRM Software Should You Buy


Both Salesforce and PEGA are some of the most popular names in the market when it comes to CRM software. Both the software’s provides lots of great features to its users. But which CRM software should you buy? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer.  So, today we are going to learn about both the CRM software in detail and try to answer this question.

Here’s everything that you need to know about PEGA and Salesforce


The basic plan for Salesforce comes with a price tag of $25 per month. But you might end up paying a lot more than that depending upon your requirements and the features needed. The basic plan of PEGA comes with a price tag of $90 per month. However, you may end up paying anywhere between $200-$295 per month depending upon the product you choose and your requirements. Overall PEGA CRM is more expensive than Salesforce CRM.

Ease of Use

Salesforce has spent millions of dollars over years in optimizing its software and provide a great user experience to its user. The interface of the software is very clean and user-friendly and provides a great user experience to its users across different platforms.

PEGA CRM treats customer engagement as a case. When a customer interacts with your business all its data that might be in any other external system gets transferred to the software in real-time. This allows you to quickly resolve any problem that your customer might be facing without any delay. Besides this, the interface of the software is very simple and user-friendly. Additionally, the software is mobile-friendly too.

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Salesforce is cloud-based SaaS software which means you don’t have to install any hardware at your office premises to use the software and its features. But the process of installing and activating the software is not easy and you might have to hire a professional for this.

PEGA CRM can be used as both a cloud-based software and on-premise software. The process of installing and activating the software is very hard and you will need the services of a system integrator to complete this task.


Salesforce is highly customizable and provides lots of customization options to its users. Additionally, the software is very easy to use and even a person with very low knowledge about CRM software can easily use and customize it.

PEGA systems provide visual tools that allow organizations to customize their CRM software. These tools are very to use and don’t require you to be a superuser or a CRM expert to use them. Overall customizing PEGA is easier than customizing Salesforce CRM.


Salesforce can be easily integrated with hundreds of popular apps and tools like Gsuite, Slack, QuickBooks, Mail Chimp, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc.  PEGA can also be integrated with many apps and tools like Hubspot, Google Sheets, Microsoft SharePoint, Firebase, etc.

Features & Add-Ons

Salesforce provides a lot of great features to its customers. You can also install third-party add-ons on it to put it on fire and further enhance its capabilities. PEGA CRM also provides many great features, tools, and add-ons. However, Salesforce provides much better features, tools, and add-on options in comparison to PEGA. Overall in terms of features and add-ons, Salesforce appears to be a better option than PEGA.


Both PEGA and Salesforce are very reputed and popular CRM software’s that provides lots of great features to its users which, makes it very difficult to choose one over the other.  However, if you want more features and add-on options then you can go for salesforce.  Whereas if you want an on-premise, easy to use and customize CRM software then you can for PEGA CRM.

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