10 Easy Eyes Exercise

Eyes Exercise:

Neti and Tratak are very beneficial to increase eyesight. Their regular practice is absolutely essential. Apart from yoga asanas, there are many very useful and beneficial exercises that increase eyesight. It is essential to practice some of these regularly every day. Such simple and simple exercises, which can be done at the end of the yoga postures, are the following:

Sit in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Siddhasana. Do these exercises while straightening the spine, head, and neck-

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Exercises for the Eyes:

These are very good exercises to improve eyesight and remove glasses. Along with increasing eyesight, they will also free the person from stress and will also provide mental peace.

1. Vertical Movement of the Eyes

Without moving the neck, move the pupils of the eyes up and down on the nostrils or one foot forward on the ground, first slowly and then slowly 24 times, that is, lower the vision up and down. Finally, close your eyes and rest for 5 seconds.

2. Horizontal Movement of the eyes

Without moving the neck, move the gaze parallel to the eyes to the right-left first slowly and then quickly 24 times, then close the eyes and take a rest of at least 5 seconds.

3. Diagonal Movement

Make the pupils diagonally above the corner of the right eye and below the corner of the left eye 12 times alternately. Similarly, now make the vision above the corner of the left eye and below the corner of the right eye diagonally up and down 12 times alternately. Then close your eyes and relax.

4. Rectangular Movement

Draw an imaginary rectangle in front of the eyes and move the vision at its four corners twelve times from left to right and right to left respectively. At last, close your eyes and rest for a while.

5. Circular Movement

Opening the eyes, without moving the neck, move the eyeball twelve times from right to left and left to right.

6. Bringing the Vision Far and Near

Extend the right hand in front of your eyes and bend the remaining four fingers, keeping the thumb pointing upwards. Now move the sight over the thumb and look at a distant point and then bring the sight to the thumb. Do this many times.

Slowly bring the thumb closer to the eye and continue to look at the far and near thumb alternately. Keep doing this till the thumb comes close to the eye. This exercise also strengthens eyesight. Now at the end of the exercise, do palm by closing the eyes.

Swinging Eyes Exercises:

These are a kind of swinging exercises which are very helpful in increasing the eyesight. They are done like this.

1. Swinging type exercise (First) 

Stand straight with a gap of about one foot between the two feet. Now without any tension, slowly move the whole body like a clockwise pendulum, right and left. While rotating the body, keep in mind that the whole foot should not rise from the ground, only the heel of the right and left foot should rise from the ground alternately, but the paw should remain close to the ground.

The second thing to note is that the whole body should rotate from the feet to the head, not only the waist or the upper part of the waist. Do this exercise for at least four or five minutes.. While doing exercise, alternately one-minute eyes open and one minute closed  If this exercise is done properly, it has a very beneficial effect not only on the eyesight but also on the whole nervous system.

2. Swinging type exercise (Second)

Stand straight with your feet at a distance of six inches. Lifting the heel of the left foot, move the whole body 90 degrees to the right. Keep the head, eyes, arms, etc. parts lose in such a way that they also move along with the whole body. Now while lifting the heel of the right foot, come 90 degrees to the left in the same position in which you were standing in the beginning.

Similarly, lift the right heel and come to the first position. This means that in this exercise you have to move 90 degrees to the right and 90 degrees to the left and then return to the first position. Never go backward (About Turn). Do all the activities comfortably for 5 minutes at the rate of 16 complete rounds per minute.

Apart from these exercises, following the following rules also helps a lot in increasing or maintaining eyesight.

Some other measures and rules. Some other Eyes Exercise Rules

Now we will know some such rules and measures by which our eyes will get tired as well as the light will be bright.

Palming the eyes with the palms:

Palming is the best way to get rid of tired eyes at the earliest. Sit comfortably on a chair or somewhere downstairs. Close the eyes and make the palms like a cup and place them on the eyes in such a way that the left palm covers the left eye and the right palm completely covers the right eye. The nose should be completely open and the upper part of the fingers should come on the frontal.

Do not press the eyes with the palms, but cover them completely in such a way that the outside light does not fall on the eyes. If you are sitting on a chair or down, then keep the elbows comfortably on the knees. Whenever the eyes feel tired, you should do palming for 10-15 minutes. This will give great peace and coolness to the eyes.


Blinking is another great, natural, and easy way to relax your eyes. Whatever work you do, do not forget to drop your eyelids frequently. Remember that gazing – that is, not dropping spinach for a long time (palming) is the main reason for reducing eyesight.

Drop spinach at least once if not twice within ten seconds. Even while reading, dropping spinach frequently does not tire the eyes quickly and you can read comfortably for a long time. It is very important for those who read more to make the habit of blinking.

Splashing with Cold Water:

Soft and pure water acts as a tonic for the eyes. Therefore, whenever you wash your hands and face, fill water in the chullu (Palm) and slowly splash about twenty from a distance of four to five inches on the shaved eyes. This brings freshness and vitality to the eyes.

Receiving Sunlight:

In increasing the light of the sun, if the light of the sun is absorbed properly, then it works as a panacea. But looking at the sun with open eyes is harmful and dangerous. There are many ways to consume the sun’s rays.

Some good ways are:

Close your eyes and face towards the sun and move your neck slowly right-left for five to seven minutes so that the light falls on all parts of the eye equally.

Taking the rays of the sun in the morning is even more beneficial.

The true secret of increasing Nayan Jyoti appears to be the reason behind offering Arghya to the Sun. When we give water to the sun by raising our hands, its rays are filtered by the water and fall on the eyes and help in confirming the vision.

Keeping green leaves of peepal very close to the eye and looking towards the sun from it gives strength to the eyes.

Eyewash with Triphala water:

Washing eyes with cold water of Triphala soaked overnight is very beneficial in increasing eyesight. To wash the eyes, you can use the Eye Washer, which can be taken from the Yoga Institute. If you wash the eyes with an Eye Washer morning and evening only with cold water, then new life and freshness will come in the eyes.


All the exercises and remedies mentioned above to increase eyesight, all are very useful and beneficial. Those people who have spectacles on their eyes must use these remedies. Believe me, doing these will increase the light of your eyes, and the chances of getting glasses are also 100 percent.

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