Carpenter Ants: Builds Carpenter Finish Tunnels inside Wood

Do you know why some ants are called Carpenter Ants? Well, their name is defined by the work they do. Usually, the wood they infest, inside they create a tunnel with a smooth finish. It may seem like they like churning or wood. But, that is merely a fact. They do churn on wood to build a better and clean living. These ants most probably have wings and their colonies consist of one wingless queen. Besides, each colony comprises about 40000-50000 individual worker ants. Having them in your house is not a good thing, as having a pest is a nightmare. These ants similarly are of no good use as they deform the furniture with their super skills and tend to bite the humans when they are provoked or their nest is being attacked. To exterminate the swarm of these ants, take the help of Residential Pest Control in Palm Beach.

How to identify Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter Ants can size between ½” to ⅝” long. Encountering a black carpenter ant is common. Although, you can also suspect ants with a combination of black-red or black-brown.

How to get rid of Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter Ants (Camponotus spp.) depend on water for their survival. Stale or dirty water may not work, they do require fresh water. To avoid the infestation of any kind of carpenter ants in the house, make sure there is no water lying around. Also, ensure that your house does not have snake openings or cracks, entering via cracks is their best strategy to infest. Besides, if you live in a townhouse or any other location swarmed up by trees, then make sure the tree does not come in contact with yours as its branches act as a medium for a variety of pests to enter the house. If you do encounter any visible opening then seal it with silicone material or get such furniture/ walls fixed. Most people in Georgia have personal woodshops and like devoting their time to self-construction projects. Make sure all your wooden tools and construction materials are kept away to avoid infestation.

If you have taken all the necessary measures, then contact Home Pest Control Services in St Lucie for professional yet permanent pests extermination.

Signs of Carpenter Ants in the House

The only way to detect a carpenter ant infestation is by looking at wood furniture lying in your house, backyard, woodshop, or a construction site. If there is an active infestation, the wood might contain small holes at the surface. Besides, these ants look for a place that is insulated and always clear out the debris or any insect that has been dead that blocks its way. The way they build their infested is smooth, a surface finished with sandpaper and having clear holes seems like an active infestation.

Carpenter Ants like to reside in the wood that is either exposed to moisture or fungus. So, make sure no furniture or wood is lying in your house that is rotten. Rotten wood or softwood seems the best place to infest carpenter ants.


A variety of carpenter ants most often infest damaged or decayed wood. A wood that has been in contact with water or has moulds formed around is their most favourite. Although, being a fan of rotting, these ants sometimes also shift to dry locations like any building that is attached to the ground. The medium they enter the house is doors, plumbing pipes, electric extensions, etc. Apart from entering from the hidden channels in your house, these ants can also invade via cracks, crevices, and small openings. To find the most suitable extermination service near you, then search the query “Residential Pest Control Services Near Meon your web browser.

These ants specifically rely on insect parts, plants secretion juices, insects and other organisms. Besides, they also like a superficial diet that includes eggs, raw meat, sweet cakes, or grease food particles. Do you know that worker ants can eat up to 200 feet of food from their nest? Most worker ants schedule their work for the night, others get it done by the day.

Having a swarm of pests can make a situation serious. No one likes a crawling or running pest in a house sometimes because of fear or youngsters. Small infants don’t know what is wrong and write. They mostly see a thing, grab it, and consume it. Grabbing an insect and consuming it can have its consequences. To avoid such instances, keep your household clean, clean any stagnant water, and any plausible elements that are vulnerable to infestation.

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