5 Differences between Handmade Silk and Wool Carpet

Do you know homemade rugs can be used to improve the beauty of your home.? Well, they are available in different shapes, sizes and designs that will match with the interiors of your house. When discussing about the luxurious carpets that provide sophisticated look to your place, there are two possible options for them and these are – silk carpet and wool carpet. When you want to purchase a homemade carpet, make sure you consider five major differences in your selection between silk carpet and wool carpet.

1. Take a look at the difference between materials

Both the materials are made of natural fibers that can be used for weaving handmade carpets and rugs to ensure warmth for your home. On the other hand, pure wool can be obtained with sheep hair and the well-known silk is found from the cocoons of larvae of mulberry. So, finding or producing this kind of silk material is really difficult in comparison to wool and hence, silk is costly.

2. Find the difference between textures

The kind of material may differ to a great extent and handmade silk carpets can be woven into two types. They are – silk on silk and silk on cotton. In case of silk on silk carpets, both warp and weft are made in silk but for silk on cotton carpets, the warp is cotton and weft is silk. Hence, the silk on silk has double price than silk on cotton. The wool rugs are made in a traditional and modern style due to wool’s thickness but you do not use pure silk for weaving the traditional carpets due to the thickness of silk yarn. The weavers can create the traditional patterns which include exclusive designs and silk carpets have soft and smooth texture than wool rugs.

3.Know the difference between their designs

Handmade silk carpet consist of exclusive design patterns when compared to handmade wool carpet. The weavers can create any design such as – traditional, modern, contemporary for wool materials having bold motifs. But for pure traditional ones with the latest designs, it is possible for silk carpets only.

4. Check the durability of your carpets

The durability of your carpets actuallydepend on the amount of foot traffic on them. Handmade silk carpet is considered to be a great choice for the high traffic areas. But it does not mean you can use it for high traffic areas only and they can be used in low traffic areas too. For the silk carpets, they are suitable for less traffic areas as it is costly and more exclusive carpet than a wool rug. So, both the carpets are extremely durable when being used at the right place.

5. Take a look at the care and maintenance of carpet

You can wash both the carpets at home but make sure you do not use a hard brush for silk carpet or else it will lose the beauty. For the wool carpets, you may use a long smooth hairbrush and vacuum it easily.

Handmade wool carpets are inexpensive when compared to silk carpets as they require more effort and time to weave thick luxurious carpets. The raw materials used for silk carpet is costly than wool carpet and stains can be removed easily than the ones that settle on wool. Thus, by considering these differences, you can select between good quality handmade wool rug and handmade silk carpet.

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