Basic information for installing solar power systems (Solar PV Rooftop)

The current trend of awakening Best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan with global warming. In developed countries, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been applied as a measure to prevent trade. This has made PK entrepreneurs more interested in clean energy and solar power generation systems. because in addition to helping to preserve the environment It also helps create a good image for partners. And help reduce the cost of doing business as well.

If you are interested in investing in the installation of solar energy systems. Should consider the following information:

  1. Should choose a company with good quality solar panels.
    In 2014, the quality of solar panels was measured, and Bloomberg PV Module Maker Tiering System rated the quality of solar panels into three levels:

1.1 Tier-1 Solar Panel is a panel made by a company that has its own factory. has its own brand No financial problems in 2 years and have 5 or more referral projects

1.2 Tier-2 Solar Panel is a panel made by a company that has a reference project and has a certain reputation.

1.3 Tier-3 Solar Panel is a panel made by a company with insufficient information. Service is not recommended

  1. Warranty
    Usually, solar panel manufacturers already have standards to certify their products. Which will be divided into 2 parts, namely, spare parts warranty. replacement parts will be at the 2-3 year warranty

2.1 Solar panel warranty It will last about 25 years.

2.2 Solar panel warranty According to the standard, it will be at a warranty of more than 10 years or more. Can be used to measure test equipment. There is a method for measuring and verifying results according to international standards.

  1. Renewable Energy Guidelines on Solar PV Rooftop Implementation
    3.1 Installation of cell panels Should let the solar panel Solar Energy in Pakistan side facing south or near the south that can be accepted and placed at an angle to the north-south plane about 10-20 degrees. The installation position should be in an open area and no shading occurs on the cell panel. that may cause Hot spot installation should be stable Strong and able to take care of maintenance

3.2 The circuit connection of the solar panel set should be in accordance with the technical principles and should be protected for good safety by referring to the TIS 2572 standard on Electrical Installation – Solar Power Distribution System. or according to IEC 60364-7-712 Requirements for special installations or locations – Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems or according to the manufacturer’s installation guide (if any).

3.3 Cell panel set and system equipment All metal structures and or equipment Required to be grounded, the grounding circuit must be complete. It shall be carried out in accordance with the academic principles or reference to the Electrical Installation Standards for Pakistan.
3.4 Electrical cable sizing Must have a current rating of not less than 1.25 times the maximum current through the circuit and the voltage drop in the cable (voltage drop) does not exceed the requirements.

3.5 There is a guarantee for the quality of use of the Solar PV Rooftop system after the delivery date of the installed system and the actual operation test. by specifying in the contract and being responsible for compensation for the difference in case of non-compliance with the contract terms clearly

3.6 If the installation is to be mainly used by yourself, the rest will be sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. You can learn more at Requirements for network connection of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Attached to the announcement .

  1. Solar cell system
    Solar power generation The generation of electricity with solar cells is divided into 3 systems:

4.1 Photovoltaic stand-alone
power generation system is a power generation system designed for use in rural areas without power grids. The critical system equipment consists of solar panels connected directly to the DC load. And another form is to be connected to the voltage according to the needs of the battery charge controller (Solar charge controller). If the remaining power can be used to charge the battery.

4.2 Solar photovoltaic power generation system connected to the power distribution system (PV grid connected system)
is a power generation system in the area that has a power grid system. critical system equipment It consists of solar panels. which is brought forward to get the voltage according to the requirements of the inverter. By connecting through junction boxes and circuit breakers, direct current and power as required by the load. The DC voltage obtained can be used directly by connecting the DC load. or converting direct current to alternating current which can be applied to AC loads and meanwhile

4.3 Solar photovoltaic power generation system (PV Hybrid system)

A power generation system that is designed for generating electricity in conjunction with other types of power generating equipment. System equipment Importantly, it consists of solar panels which can be connected to meet the voltage required by the hybrid inverter which can be used with generators. Wind turbines and batteries. The resulting alternating current may be applied which can be applied to alternating current loads. and at the same time being able to connect to the electrical distribution system of the electricity.

  1. Problems encountered from the installation and use of the solar cell system
    5.1 There is no charge Solar Panel in Pakistan from the solar panel.

5.2 Low battery charging situation

5.3 Inverter does not work Charging control not working

5.4 The charger is damaged or shorted.

5.5 Faulty Parts Significantly, whether it is an aluminum edge, glass, cell color, plastic behind the panel.

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