What are managed email services?

What are managed email services?

5 Benefits Small Business Managed Email Hosting Services

As a business owner, designing a positive image for your brand is critical. Your clients or clients often decide whether they should do business with you by looking at the surface of your business. For example, when your business emails come from personal email accounts (for example @ bigpond.com) or are marked as spam, it does not provide the best view of your products or Managed Email Services.

In a competitive environment, maintaining a professional image for your customers, suppliers and even your competition is essential. Trusting a managed email hosting service can be a great way to show that you mean business.

In this article, we review the key benefits of having a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) to manage your email service.

Comprehensive support

Problems with technology are a waste of time. Your employees may have forgotten their login passwords, lost some emails, or were unable to access their email when they left a smartphone behind. Not only will these issues take time to resolve, but it will also keep employees focused on the most important aspects of your business.

The hosted email service, on the other hand, has technical support available on a single phone call. An Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) ensures that any issues with your email service are resolved quickly and efficiently in the event of a problem.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that email is always a reliable means of communication between your employees and your customers. After all, email is one of the most important tools in business.

Increased service and ease of use

Your email service should be able to grow your business. No matter if you are hiring a new employee or just starting to send or receive a number of emails, your email service should be flexible and relevant to your business.

Top email sites like Office 365 and G Suite can support you in these situations. Both e-mail services:

they come with large boxes in the original; and

you are able to remove new members within minutes.

In addition, all of these services come with computer programs and websites (such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail.com) that your employees already know. In addition, mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices are also available. Facilitating the use of these programs allows your team to quickly download these programs in no time.

Increased Business Productivity

When you choose to go to one of the email sites provided by your MSP, they will show you a large list of free add-ons. The most popular email channels since Microsoft and Google have come up with a productivity tool designed for small businesses.

For example, you can use the built-in audio / video service to call your customers or arrange online meetings for your employees. Both Office 365 and G Suite bring together screen sharing solutions, chat and collaboration tools, cloud-based storage solutions, document writing and collaboration tools and more. Your bare bones donors can’t deal with these extra things.

Data protection and information protection

Business email reception services are usually governed by additional measures to prevent many technological attacks including theft, fishing, email hacking and business email fraud.

A well-organized and well-designed email service that includes security measures to ensure that all your information is secure.

Managed email services typically come with value-added services such as data backup and recovery solutions. Regular off-site backup can protect your business from data loss in the event of accidental and intentional deletion of files and emails or data corruption issues.

Other benefits, such as phishing protection, can protect your business from accidents, hackers, ransomware, or even malicious employees.

Low administration costs

The total cost of owning a managed email hosting service is always lower than owning an email management service.

First, IT service providers can benefit from economies of scale. They have access to software licenses and wholesale subscription fees simply because they manage more email accounts than the average business.

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