How Much Could You Save by Negotiating Lower Rent?

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you wished you could bargain for a lower rent but did not know where to begin? Are you wondering if it is possible to negotiate your rent? 

Rent is one of those things that happen in life; you have no choice except to pay. But just because you have to pay rent does not mean you do not get a say in how much it costs. You have the option to negotiate your rent in two instances— before signing the lease contract, and when it’s time for renewing the current lease.

What Are the Benefits of Rent Negotiation?

If you are wondering why you should negotiate rent in the first place, the answer is simple— you may be able to save a significant amount of money. It is critical to know how to bargain your rent, no matter how strong your timing or case (not just for a successful negotiation but also to negotiate with confidence and ease).

You can negotiate rent in a variety of ways; and here are a few of our personal favorites:

1. Plan Ahead of Time By Conducting Research

Learn about out how much other residential property rentals in your area charge for comparable scenarios to yours. This will not only give you a chance to calculate monetary figures, but you will also feel more confident negotiating because you will know your bargain is reasonably fair. 

2. Know What You Want

Be prepared to lay down what works for you. If you are definite about your terms and the amount you are looking to bargain, the overall process can move more swiftly and effectively. 

3. Schedule Your New Lease to End in the Summer 

Long-term tenants with residential property rental experience know that potential renters rent over the summer when school is out, the weather is nicer, and the calendars are free. If you inform your landlord beforehand about the termination of your lease, it will be much easier for them to find a replacement tenant to rent out the vacant space. This will also make them more open to negotiation.

4. Speak With YourLandlordOr A Property ManagementFirm

Let your landlord know you would like to have a meeting, schedule a day for discussing the lease charge. Instead of abruptly approaching them with the negotiation, inform them politely beforehand that you would like to speak with them about your rent. 

5. Be Ready With Facts to Back up YourClaims

Have your residential property rental records ready if you are a sincere tenant who practices timely payment. Have everything you will need to construct your case on hand in case your landlord asks for references. This reduces disagreements and provides a better platform for your negotiation. 


Do not lose sight of humanity when it comes to negotiating your rent. Keep in mind that your landlord is also a person. This will help you demonstrate an effective negotiation and come up with plans to benefit your landlord as well. It will also give you a higher feeling of purpose and confidence for the rent negotiation meeting with the landlord. Determine what is essential to you and why, and then put forward your best soft skills! 

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