How a party can be more impressive just by a cake?

There is no such thing as a party without a cake. This statement gives the dimension of the importance of this item for every type of celebration. The cake is the biggest star of birthdays, but it can also stand out in other events, serving as a decoration element and enhancing the menu to be served to the guests.

When planning the party or event, the cake should be one of the first points to be resolved. After all, it has to match the theme of the celebration and it must suit the taste of the guests and the birthday person – if the party is for the purpose of “extinguishing the candles”. The good news is that there are different shapes and sizes of cakes on the market, as well as a wide variety of qualified professionals to offer the best product that meets your expectations.

Check out some tips for perfecting the cake for your party.

Types of cakes

In the past, there was no other type of cake than those covered with Vanilla cream. This item is still a little used, but there are other options that make the cake beautiful and tasty, such as the spatulate shape (molded with a spatula) or in buttercream (topped with buttery cream). They can also be decorated with fruit, flowers and fun toppings.

More than one

For larger parties, with more guests, one of the trends is to have more than one cake on the table. This feature can help tell the story of the decor and fill the table, especially if it’s large.


Sometimes simple can also be very efficient. The classic chocolate, coconut or carrot cakes can be at the party and awaken affective flavors. You can even decorate them with decorated cookies or stationery and have standout elements for your celebration. Otherwise you also can make cake home delivery in Chennai.

Other formats

Also consider the possibility of serving your guests other cake formats, which are always popular with children and adults. This is the case with the cake in the pot (with its apparent filled layers give an interesting touch to the table), the cup cake or the cake pop.


The cake table can gain valuable company, if it is composed of brownies, honey buns, giant chocolate lollipops, macarons, popcorn, donuts or personalized cookies.

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Tips for ordering

The most important tip when ordering the cake is to do your research in advance. That way, you can decide more calmly about details such as flavor and colors. If this is the case, it is also in the research that the professional or establishment can be consulted about the insertion of elements in the cake, such as photos and other decorations.

It is also important to order in advance, because custom cakes, even small ones, take time and care to create. If you want to order your cake the day before the party, you will most likely not be able to place the order. The more time a baker has to make their own custom cake, the better it would be.

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