New Employment Hero Integration Simplifies Onboarding

One of the most important things to consider while building your Australian-based business is people management. After recruiting employees, you want to welcome them well and quickly establish a common ground to prepare them for the rest of your work together. 

The following information is on onboarding and also mentions an Australian company with a unique system that blends and simplifies the process, so let’s take a look. 

What is onboarding?

It’s also known as organizational socialization. It’s a process where recruits acquire a set of skills and knowledge to be influential team members.

Onboarding includes a general introduction to the business and its operations, the boundaries set, roles to be undertaken, and the internal processes in place. 

For the employer, it increases confidence that the recruit will effectively contribute to the growth of the business. In addition, there’s reduced anxiety for the employee since they’ll know who to ask and where to go if they have questions about their work roles. The onboarding process makes both the employer and employee feel empowered, confident, and excited about the new projects they’re about to undertake together.

Employment Hero training

If you’re ready to add a powerful onboarding system to your small or medium business, then consider Employment Hero.

Employment Hero’s a downloadable, virtual HR information system for employee engagements, payrolls, and benefits. It collects all employee data and keeps their specific file notes. As a result, employees can manage their files and update changes accordingly. Moreover, all this data is securely held and accessible anytime and anywhere. 

The onboarding process only takes a few minutes.

As a Manager

You’ll log in and start by filling in employment details on the app. These details will transform into a branded, well-written e-contract issued and sent as an email to the potential employee. The contract will include: 

  • Business hiring and name of the person hired.
  • Type of employment.
  • Potential start date.
  • Job title.
  • Probation length.
  • The details of the primary and secondary managers who’ll have access to the employee’s file, timesheets, leave requests.
  • Department or team.

· The employee’s salary and benefits packages like mobile plans, health insurance, etc.

As an employee

You’ll receive the email, read and sign the contract. After sending the e-contract back to the employer, you’ll get access to the Employment Hero platform through a hyperlink provided. From there, you’ll set your password, log in and do the rest of the onboarding. It includes filling in: 

  • Date of birth.
  • Gender.
  • Address details.
  • Mobile number(s).
  • Bank details (all this information will automatically transfer into the payroll solution).
  • Tax declaration forms.
  • Medical disclosure statement.
  • Certifications like driver’s license.

After finishing the paperless onboarding process, you’ll have access to all the policies, compliance documents, Employment Hero training videos, and induction content to read, review and acknowledge.

Wrapping up

Remember, how the employees feel about the start of your project will set the tone of the long-term business relationship.  As a manager, it’s good to monitor the onboarding process. Then, after a while, check in with the new member of the team. Monitoring helps you decide whether they’re comfortable enough in their new environment and what can be done in the future to improve productivity and performance.

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