Cable Protector Buying Guide

Exposed cables could lead to accidents. If you’re doing work on the road, you need to keep your cables protected. That’s where cable and covered channel trunking comes in. Not only are your cables protected. The cable covers also prevent electrical problems and trip hazards, so your team and the general public won’t have to get into accidents. If you and your crew are set to work onsite and start a construction project, ensure your team complies with safety standards. Use cable protectors. Here’s how to know how to shop for what you need.

Start with the Basics

When you shop around, consider how many units of the cable you need to protect. Have that figure in cable or hose diameter ready. That way, when you ask a sales team for help, you can provide the information they need to help you. Other details they’ll ask you about will include the distance you wish to cover, if the protector will be for interior or external use, and if you need a product that’s high in visibility. You will also be asked about what will be passing over the protector. At what capacity?

Consider Heavy-Duty Variants

You’ll encounter variants for the cable protectors. You can pick heavy duty options capable of handling vehicle weights up to 20,000 kg for every tyre. You can also be connected for as long as you need. Consider the selection for 3 channel cable protectors online and determine if this is the kind of options that you’ll want to have in your construction site.

Look for Modular Heavy-Duty Options

If you are still shopping around for 3 channel cable protectors because heavy duty options seem a bit too much for your needs, no worries. You can always look for modular heavy duty cable protector products. Find ones that offer cable as well as hose protection. These options offer an excellent way to ensure road safety. You could increase the middle sections if you need more dimension. And you won’t have to worry about the assembly procedure. Pick brands that offer cable protectors that are fast and easy to assemble.

Choose Indoor Products

Not all cables are used outdoors, though. If you need indoor options or even lightweight ones, you could look cable protectors made of rubber. Many are typically used for offices and home environments. Since heavy duty options feel out of place in an office or might not be a safe option for construction sites, then you can look for lightweight cable protectors. Consider the lengths you need.

Know the Brand Don’t forget to pick brands from trusted manufacturers. Check out your options by going over the inventory from companies that have been in the business for years. If they have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality products, then you’ll want to use those products in your work sites. Cheap quality cable protectors won’t provide the same degree and level of protection to your cables. That could lead to accidents, so don’t take that risk. Ditch poor-quality cable protectors when you shop around.

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