Burn Your Calories and Getin shape with one of These Branded Treadmills

About PowerMax Treadmills, 57 different treadmills in various categories are now manufactured. The treadmill number itself may be easily identified for your treadmill category. The workpieces made it easy to keep your lifestyle healthy. It’s important to go to the fitness center even every day after spending hours in traffic. The weather is much worse because of the uncertainty to add fuel to the flames. Treadmills have been created to prevent such agony. And they do the right thing.

A Treadmill is an investment more than a machine. It’s a long-term buy that guarantees high-end benefits for users when just the correct type of treadmill is purchased on time. However, while it is not like rocket science to buy a treadmill, it is also not like food for a piece of cake.

Types of treadmills

  • Folding pads — It’s a well-known misconception that pads are huge and take a lot of room. But fresh and contemporary treadmills can be folded and stored easily. For example, the Powermax pulling mills are foldable pulling mills with optimal stability and maximum weight.
  •  Foldless treadmills – If the room isn’t a problem for you, the best treadmills to choose from are these non-folding treadmills, as they are relatively more stable than those that can be folded.
  • Commercial treadmills – While such types are the most suitable for residential treadmills, business treadmills, like health clubs and gymnasiums, are particularly developed for commercial purposes.

The urban trek treadmill

The UrbanTrek Treadmill Series is a new, modern style of PowerMax Fitness treadmill. The designs are genuinely distinctive, and you won’t find any other brand’s good-looking workstations like them. The lathes are contemporary and 100% constructed; no work is necessary from your point of view.

UrbanTrek Treadmills are also designed for the modern house, as they are intended for home usage solely. They provide a wide operating range, side rails, and very low terrain, stabilizing the entire design. In addition, the UrbanTrek series has the next generation of shock absorption, making the joints simpler.

Eco trek treadmill

PowerMax Fitness also has several EcoTrek manual treadmills. Currently, the series has just treadmills but aims to add more to the roster. The manual treadmills are versatile, i.e. they have steppers, joggers, torsos and push bars apart from treadmills. These characteristics differ in the model, so be careful to examine which features best suit you. In addition, manual treadmills perform better as more energy is needed to move the belt. So compared to a treadmill, you get greater exercise.

Maxtrek series

The MAXTREK Series of PowerMax Treadmills is arguably India’s most popular variety of treadmills of its range. These DC-powered motors are suited for residential usage and are built for a range of visitors, including casual walkers and training enthusiasts. The 90-per cent constructed treadmills of the Maxtrek series are all equipped with health-related functions, such as Heart Rate Sensor, pulse detection, big displays, Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, Speakers etc. Therefore, it is simple to measure your development using these functions since you do not just have to rely on your assessment; you can acquire complex information to help.

Urban trek TD 20

The finest in the league thus far is this treadmill. The consumers drive via that fantastic machine thanks to its plug-and-go motorization and folding idea. The tailpiece is a complete rotation.

It is different from its other components due to the current technology employed in this specific treadmill.  This does not generate any turbulence, as it can be folded simply with a 0.5 m2 folding storage. It has a maximum speed of up to 12km/h.

TD 125

This Laufband has a 2.0 HP engine which provides the customers incredible workout experience. It has several unique properties, such as self-closure and self-lubrication. This machine is ideal for you, conserving space and being highly transportable.

It’s got an incredible 49.6″ x 16.5″ long-running deck. It features a BMI and pre-set regimens as well. The walkout is made up of built-in speakers and AUX links to improve the experience. So take this treadmill for a musical running session.


These are the best Powermax treadmills that one must look for and enjoy for a slim and perfect body.

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