8 Essential Accessory Products For Rental LED Display Solution

LED displays have recently become a highly sought-after product in the display boards and signs market. The rising demand for versatile, smart and portable display and sign boards has led to an increase in the LED display rentals. Along with these displays, people now want more accessories to attach to their LED displays. Take look at the most commonly-asked-for accessories with LED display sign rentals.

  • Display Panel

The display panel is the protagonist of the show. There are different shapes and sizes of display panels available for rent. They can be used individually or in combination with others to create a big size display. The display screen receives a signal output from a controller that is fiber-optic. This signal is then decoded and displayed for people to see. The display panels or cabinets come with LED lighting modules, cooling fans, drive components and the ability to switch power supplies.

  • Display Controller

This device makes up the core for processing large screen information to be displayed. It has the ability to accept computer and video signals. The display body then goes through signal decoding, conversion, processing, calculating, encoding and digital transmission. After this, the message is displayed on the screen. Other parameters like the brightness of the message can be altered and adjusted directly from the computer or controller.

  • Control Computer

Rental LED display signs require the synchronous control method, which makes control computers absolutely indispensable. It is used to output computer signals. When a digital signal is displayed on the LED sign, the pixels on the display correspond to the pixels on the computer display and are directly mapped. Once the software is run, the control computer operates on its own and adjusts the parameters for the LED display.

  • Power Distribution Box

This box is used to power the LED rental screen through an AC three-phase system. This power distribution box can be controlled remotely, along with switching through LED displays and controlling other operations in the area. The distribution box is adjusted and specifically designed in accordance with the specific situation.

  • Audio Equipment

Apart from the display accessories, audio devices like stereo systems, amplifiers, DVD players and mixers are also in demand. These devices provide an audio source for your hired LED sign. The audio signals can be managed and edited through these devices.

  • System Software

A computer system will require particular software to be able to control the hired LED sign for you. The recommended software are Windows 7/8/9/10 and XP. This software can be connected to the main display controller through the RS232 port and then used to adjust the display parameters. The playback software has the ability to play and display computer text, graphics, images, 2D and 3D animations.

The application of a hired LED display sign involves several links. Along with the display unit for the main job of displaying the written message, other products are needed to achieve the desired result. If you are looking to hire an LED sign, get in touch now.

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