Consider These Types of Equipment for Your Industrial Laundry Room

Many industrial facilities, such as medical buildings, prisons, and industrial laundry service providers require reliable and long-lasting industrial laundry equipment. In addition, owners and managers of these facilities need these industrial laundry machines to meet industry standards and operate at maximum efficiency and productivity.

Your industrial laundry requirements are likely unique to your facility. For instance, they may require specialized hook-ups, drainage, extra space for accessibility, or additional power sources. To ensure you are optimizing your choices and meeting ADA regulations, note these factors and check their performance levels in terms of energy and water efficiency, ease of use, and accessibility.

Industrial Washing Machines

When it comes to industrial washing machines, an obvious place to start when determining whether you are using the best options is measuring their water and energy usage.

Efficiency and Compliance

Water and energy usage are important efficiency gauges and allow you to confirm that they are compliant with industry standards and regulations. For instance, top load washers are water and energy compliant with the standards set by the Department of Energy.

These washing machines are the most common type for industrial laundry. However, front load washers that are front-controlled and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act—or ADA compliant—are also available.


Additionally, you should consider compatibility when determining if you are using the best industrial laundry machines for your building. For instance, if you are already using rear-controlled industrial laundry equipment, it would be ideal for you to use a rear-controlled front load washer that is compatible.

Industrial Tumble Dryers

It is equally essential to measure the efficiency, productivity, and compliance of your industrial dryers. The best industrial tumble dryers come with energy-efficient heat sources and multiple door and tilt options for increased accessibility.

Energy-Efficient Heat Sources and Weight Capacities

Industrial laundry dryers come with a wide range of single- and two-door pass-through options and can be either steam-heated or gas-fired. In addition, they can range from recommended capacities of 250 lbs. dry weight to 1200 lbs. dry weight.

Numerous Door and Tilt Configurations

The three best industrial dryer configurations available are:

  • 1-door with 2-way tilt—tilt back for loading and tilt forward for unloading
  • 2-doors with 1-way tilt—tilt back only
  • 2-door, 2-way tilt

The latter option is the most accessible by providing users with the ability to load or unload from either side.

Control Panel Location Options

Using a dryer with additional options, such as having the control panel on either the right or left side of the machine, adds even more flexibility. This type can reduce installation costs since utilities and ducting for two dryers can be much closer together. A front control industrial dryer offers fast-drying efficiency and is 100% ADA compliant.

For all your industrial laundry needs, contact Consolidated Laundry Machinery today. CLM tumble dryers will reduce your labor and utility costs with the highest level of productivity and efficiency.

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