Important Steps to Book a Property

If you are looking for a new home in Canninghill Piers, to make an investment for generation of long-term income, there are a number of actions that you should take into account. Advise yourself very well so that everything goes as planned and you do not find problems along the way. You can find out more information on Canninghill piers official website here

What is the reservation of a property? 

Experts define the reservation of a property as “an undenied contract under which, it is stated the intention to buy a property to give itself certain conditions, which usually predated the conclusion of a contract of promise of sale, and which gives the interested party a short period of time to decide to acquire a certain property, against the payment of a foot, which is lost if he does not choose to acquire the property”. That is, when you sign a reservation for a property, after following certain steps, you can secure the purchase of it.

In general, this operation is carried out in the same sales rooms of Canninghill Piers developers or the commercial offices of property brokers. It is not necessary to go to a notary or formalize most of this part of the purchase process, but it is very important to be able to ensure that your dream property is not sold to someone else.

When you are already checked the amenities nearby Canninghill Piers determined about the unit  you want to buy, it is time to make the reservation. For this, for example, the person must leave a payment that is paid at the value of the property. It is common for this type of payment to be made in cash, or by checks or worth a view.

What should be specified in the reservation of a property?

  • When you sign this agreement, the interest on the purchase must be explicit and whether you will pay for the new property in cash, with a subsidy or with a mortgage credit should be decided.
  • In addition, the payment times for the root good will be specified, those that are fixed in the agreement of this reserve and by common agreement between the parties. Although in general Canninghill Piers developers will have its own minimum deadlines according to the progress of the construction of the building and other factors.
  • At the time of signing pay a deposit of a certain percentage of the property, in order that the real estate company does not continue to show the space to other interested parties.
  • Finally, and in order to ensure that the property is as expected by the buyer, specific issues such as the exact area of the property, number of rooms and bathrooms, specific characteristics of the property, number of the apartment if applicable, address, etc. cannot be left out.
  • This document must be signed giving the customer a period of 10 working days to move on to the next stage: The promise of sale. 

Although a reservation does not require you to make the final purchase of the property, ideally you are quite sure of your decision when making it. The amount you could pay isn’t necessarily low and will mean an additional expense that you can easily save if you take it easy and give yourself the time to choose the best option for you. However, don’t trust yourself either, because if you don’t decide quickly on a property you like very much someone could book before you.

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