Give your Taxi Service Business A Complete Breakthrough With Uber Alternative App

Almost everything is back to normal amidst the lockdown blues. Most of us have started with the old ritual routine and work, but with virtually every precaution possible. But the fear of approaching any crowded areas is still alarming in all of us. And from history, it is in recent times, the cab and taxi facilities have bloomed to a greater need. 

The need for cabs and taxis has doubled due to its condition and restrictions under the prevailing situation. It also led to the growth of similar applications like Uber and other taxi serving applications. 

Uber is a forerunner in the field of providing taxi-hailing services and requirements. It operates around the globe, offering round-the-clock service to the users. But through its restrictions in service facilities and demanding need of similar applications to ease taxi-hailing, the launch for Uber clones was initiated. 

Sources for Uber clone – Uber App

Uber avails to book taxis and cabs through an online interface. Here the entrepreneurs are given complete freedom and choice to provide their taxi service. Its interface is very compact and well structured to carry out its service very efficiently. It has a driver app, passenger app, admin panel, and dispatcher panel.

The business model of both Uber and Uber clones are very similar in terms of patterns, service, and design as they are constrained to perform a similar task. And at the same time, the cloned app will never be the same as Uber itself. Here it is all about taking the basic idea of a business and improvising it with improved technology and more appealing features.

The need for Uber alternatives undoubtedly increased the need for entrepreneurs in the taxi service to render their services exclusively during the rising demand. And it was very predominant for a high rate of interest implemented in a minimum investment resulting in maximum profit.

Must-have features of Uber Clones

Driver interface 

  • An in-app calling facility can ease the driver to connect with the user quickly. It facilitates in confirming the taxi booking and asking for any queries.
  • They should track the daily, weekly, and weekly earnings of the driver and the host efficiently.
  • An advanced and improved navigation system facilitates the driver to precisely locate and navigate to reach the destination on time.
  • Ride cancellation options to cancel the driver’s upcoming ride if they are not in the position to accept the ride.
  • Availability of toggle to display the driver’s working and non-working hours.
  • In-app language preferences to make it convenient for the users and drivers to communicate effectively.

Uber clone – User Interface

  • User login: The users can easily log in to the app using their social media accounts. 
  • Payment methods: as the application is available online, digital banking methods for payment can be used.
  • In-app calling: the driver and user can seamlessly connect with each other through a safe interface.
  • Vehicle choice : the user can choose the vehicle type for traveling depending on the number of travelers or distance taken.
  • Cancel booking:  the users can cancel the ride if they get any other alternate work or preference. Charges are applicable for cancelation.
  • Reviews: with the reviewing option, the user can easily share their view on the ride, driver, and service.

Admin panel

  • Promo code:  to avail rides at a discounted price
  • Payment management: the admin can quickly transfer the driver’s earnings without any tension.
  • Fare management: the admin can efficiently track the fare changes and manage them accordingly.
  • Profit calculation: the app can provide features to analyze the profit earned by the host and the driver on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Dispatcher panel

  • Incoming booking can be managed from the dispatch panels management page.
  • Manual bookings can ease booking manually by the dispatcher at the necessary time.
  • The trip history can list the upcoming, ongoing, and previous rides made.
  • Fleet management can help in live tracking the fleet using advanced navigators.
  • Dispatchers can quickly analyze the feedback and reviews that help in improving the service.

Peculiar service alteration in your Uber Clone

The host or the entrepreneur can provide a peculiar taxi-hailing service to its users instead of being random. The Uber clones can have improved features to render its service.

While talking about services, your exclusive Uber clone can provide distinguished services that attract a wide range of users. As an entrepreneur, you can decide on the varied service that you wish to offer.  

  1. Provide exclusive trip services
  2. Avail regular scheduled cabs
  3. encourage part-time drivers
  4. Provide extended service for women and kids
  5. outer town ride facilities
  6. long trip convenience
  7. carpooling facilities

And many other services can be brought in and restricted to convenience. 

Similarly, when we have to consider the features for customization. To ease your management process through the application, you can make it as convenient as needed. 

  1. Features made available for multiple cab booking facilities. 
  2. Pre fare estimates
  3. Prioritize riders in the queue

Revenue at Uber Clone

Through Uber clones, the entrepreneur can quickly gain good revenue by bringing in new strategies and techniques. 

  • Refer and earn: users can be offered with a referring and earning option to bring in more users and create an income drive for the application.
  • Subscriptions fee:  By availing of the Subscription facility, the user will be provided with a few added amenities, and that revenue falls in the app as revenue for the entrepreneur. 
  • Commission fee: for every ride, drivers and hosts get the fare divided in a particular percentage that benefits both. 

Final verdict

Uber clones are the prevailing trend in the current market. These clones benefit both the users and the entrepreneurs mutually, acting as a service provider and a revenue seeker. With all these requirements, what you want, Get started with your Uber clone launched and take your business to new heights.

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