Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Athens – Key landmark of early Western civilization

In this blog, Our travel guide to Athens with up-to-date information and tips to make the most of the city. Find about the capital of Greece and enjoy your holidays. The Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, the proud marble columns of Athens – once the most powerful city in ancient

With more than 5,000 years of history and an average of 300 days of daylight each year, Athens, Greece, fills in as an ideal vacation destination. Revolved around the ancient Acropolis, Athens is the cradle of Western civilization and home to the old Olympics, just as the modern. 

A bustling and cosmopolitan city, Athens presents the motivating juxtaposition of new and old. Take in a shocking & stunning view of the ancient Parthenon from the state-of-the-art Acropolis Museum, which opened in 2009. Or then, walk around the cobblestone roads of the old Plaka locale district before going to the stylish Gazi area, home to the newest restaurants, cafes, and bars in Athens. 

Reasons Why You Should Go? 

In months leading up the way to the 2004 Athens Olympics, Greece put resources into city enhancements including another air terminal, Olympic buildings, improved public transportation, and the planting of trees and bushes all through the city. Athens boasts an extraordinary number of historic destinations. Among the most visited are the Agora, the Temple of Zeus, and the Dionysos Theater. Athens likewise offers notable museums with extensive collections of ancient Greek artifacts. 

Absorb Greek history and culture at the National Historical Museum, National Archeological exhibition hall, the National Art Gallery, and the new Acropolis Museum.

Go through a day wandering through the lively neighborhoods of Athens. Visit pleasant Plaka, the old city, situated on the slopes of the Acropolis, wind through Monastiraki and reveal a hidden treasure at the Athens flea market, or spend some limit of the credit card near the very good quality shops of the stylish Kolonaki area. 

Greek food is another draw of the nation’s capital. Athens gives plenty of cafés that permit visitors to taste flavors from pretty much every area of Greece. Enjoy Greek’s top culinary products: Fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, yogurt, and fresh fish. In the afternoon, make certain to catch a table at one of the city’s countless outdoor cafes and relax with a Frappé – a foam covered iced-coffee drink.

Best Time to Go? 

With mild winter temperatures and hot summers, crowds of visitors come to Athens all year. The travel industry peaks between June through August and top vacationer destinations become exceptionally crowded. April-May and September-October are ideal times to visit and hotel rates are more affordable & less expensive.

How to Get There?

The most ideal way to get to Athens is to fly. Non-stop flights are offered by the Greek carrier, Olympic Airways, from JFK to Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos). Delta likewise offers nonstop service to Athens from the U.S. 

Looking to fo there? Nothing to worry about, make a delta airlines booking online and save up to 45% off on every flight to Athens.

Voyagers can likewise find indirect flights to Athens and many major carriers that require connections through Europe. Once at the air terminal, voyagers can easily access central Athens through convenient public transportation. The Metro connects the Athens International Airport to the core of the city.

In the Nutshell

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