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Netgear Router Setup /

You can use this diagram to connect your router or follow the detailed instructions: Netgear Router Setup

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  1. Remove the antenna caps.
    Remove the antenna caps from the
    antenna posts on the router.
  2. Attach and position the antennas.
    Attach the antennas on the threaded
    antenna posts.
    Position the antennas for the best
    WiFi performance.
    NETGEAR recommends that the
    center antenna be vertical and that
    you aim the others outward at
    45-degree angles as shown.
  3. Prepare your modem.
    Unplug your modem’s power. If it uses a
    battery backup, remove the battery.
netgear router login -
  1. Connect your modem.
    Plug in your modem. Put the battery back
    in. Then cable the modem to the yellow
    Internet port on the router.
  2. Power on the router.
    The Power LED lights
    amber and then turns
    white when the router is
  3. Connect a computer.
    You can use an Ethernet cable or connect
    with WiFi.
    To connect with WiFi, use the WiFi
    network name and password on the
    product label.
  4. Log in to the router.
    Launch a web browser.
    NETGEAR genie displays.
    If you do not see genie, enter in the address
    field of the web browser. When prompted,
    enter admin for the user name and
    password for the password.
    Follow the genie steps to connect to the
  5. Get the genie app.
    Download the free genie app from
    Easily share media, files, and printers
    on the network from your smartphone,
    tablet, or laptop.
  6. Get the user manual.
    You can get the user manual online at
    or through a link in the product’s user
    Ethernet cable

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