An Extensive Summary Of The Pivotal Features Of The Food Delivery Application

The precipitous growth of online food delivery businesses has made an impact on entrepreneurs to try their luck in this business. Since these days, food delivery businesses are experiencing hyper-growth, interested entrepreneurs like you must instantly plunge into the business immediately after proposing the business plan.

In plain terms, any food ordering development, when started from scratch, will take upto a year. Within that time, the market trends will change, and you have to start making amendments to your business plan altogether. So, if you can cut short the app development process, you can focus more on your business objectives, and as said before, you can quickly launch the app.

So, this write-up is all about one such instant app development solution called the UberEats clone app development

Everything you need to know about the UberEats clone app

The UberEats clone app can be defined as a ready-made, customizable, white-label, and time-efficient app development solution. While you invest in a food ordering app, what will you look into the app? Generally, you will check whether the budget of the app development is feasible for you and the total hours needed for the development. 

The clone app development will be affordable for you as well as you can quickly customize the needed functionalities of the app and launch it. Interesting, right? You must know the list of ready-made features available in this app. Let us dive in!

Features of the customer app

We are going to see the features of the customer app, which includes a multitude of advanced features.

Instant sign up

We are familiar with the social media sign-up, a.k.a the instant sign-up process. The extensive sign-up process can be shortened if the app has the social media sign-up option. In the usual registration process, users will have to enter their name, email address, phone number, and address. Whereas, in the social media registration, the users will only select one social media handle, enter the login id and password. That’s all! 

Location accessibility

Locating the delivery executive is one of the crucial features of the app, and for that, Geolocation technology is incorporated. In the same manner, the delivery executives are also given the facility for locating the customers. Hence, this feature is available in the customer’s app as well as the delivery executive’s app.


Once the customer signs up for the app, they will start finding the eateries present within their premises. The app will first get to know the location of the customer and then present a list of eateries in that location.

Order history

The customers can navigate through their previous orders and know the details associated with those orders at any given time. Notably, the UberEats clone has the reorder feature that facilitates the quick placement of previous orders.


Of course, in-app payment modes are one of the most vital features of the app. You can decide the payment modes you want and discuss the same with your developer to add those options to the app. 

Push notifications

Push notifications are the quickest way to convey any order-oriented information to your customers. Generally, via push notifications, location information, offers, and order confirmations are conveyed to customers.

In-app chat

The chat feature is necessary to provide support to the customers. Through this chatting feature, your customers and delivery executives can communicate to know the information related to the orders.

Features of the delivery executive


There are some differences in the details provided by the customers and delivery executives to sign-up for the app. Your customers will just give their name, email address, and phone number. Whereas your delivery executives will give their license information in addition to the general details like name, email address, and phone number.

Delivery history

For customers, the order history is important, and for the delivery executives, the delivery history is important. The details of each delivery, along with the payments, can be viewed by the delivery executive.

Live map with a route optimizer

The delivery executives may not be familiar with every location in and around the city. They will need assistance to find the location, and for that purpose, the app has a live map feature. Then what is the purpose of the route optimizer? As you can identify from the name itself, this feature will quickly inform you about the shortest route that can be taken to reach the destination spot.


While everything is online, the total income of the delivery executives can also be known through the app itself. Whenever the delivery executive finishes a delivery, their salary amount will be credited to their in-app account. 

Features of the admin panel


You will get a detailed chart of the happenings of your business through the dashboard. Overall governance of your business is possible through the admin’s dashboard.

Payment management

Tracking transactions is one of the most important business activities. The admin panel has a feature that allows you to know the list of transactions that happened throughout the day.

Delivery executive management

You have full control over the delivery executive management activities. You will start by verifying the profiles of the delivery executive and can also remove them if they indulge in inappropriate activities or provide false information.

Push notifications

Push notification is a mandatory feature for customers, delivery executives, and administrators. The admin will receive information about orders, payments, etc., through push notifications.

Offers and promotions

The admin panel has a separate feature for organizing the offers and promotions for customers. You can add the promo code generator feature through which you can set the promo codes and generate them for eligible customers.

Final thoughts

We saw a detailed view of the UberEats clone app development. Now, let us see a bit about the market trends. As you know the competition existing in the food delivery business, you must introduce some trends or uniqueness to attract customers. Order takeaway, contactless delivery, and scheduled delivery are the trending features in any popular food delivery app.

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