What Is The Future Of The Wood Industry In The United States?

The wood industry is one of the most viable and prominent industries in the US. The country’s demand for wood is high compared to other countries. Various wood importer companies import wood from international exporters and fashion products out of them.

Wood is available in a wide range of species and qualities. Also, wood is an important part of the everyday life of the average American. Thus, it is important to use this vital object dexterously.

The supply and trade of wood worldwide promote the efficient use of wood and sustainability. Over the years, people have started making environmentally-friendly raw materials.

How Is Wood Used In Countries Like The USA?

A cornucopia of products is fashioned out of wood. While some of them are widely popular among people, others are less known. Here is a list stating how wood is used in different areas:

1. Firewood

In colder countries like the US and Canada, the demand for firewood is comparatively high. They burn wood to make their homes or surroundings warm. Thus, the need for fuelwood or firewood surges in the US, and a huge proportion of wood is employed in this process.

2. Construction

Construction work requires a large amount of wood. Wood is necessary for the building of railroads, roads, buildings, panels, flooring, etc. Moreover, wood is used to make doors, furniture, window frames, bookcases, wardrobes and many more. The most popular hardwoods used for this process are oak, maple, teak, cherry, maple, mahogany, and walnut.

3. Home Products

Many home furnishing items are made of wood. Besides furniture including sofas, beds, couches, tables, wood is also used to make showcases, bookcases, wall hangings, photo frames, and other home decor products.

4. Musical Instruments

Much of the musical instruments are fashioned out of wood. Some of them are guitar, piano, flute, violin, cello, banjos. The wood used to make these instruments mostly comprise spruce, maple, and other trees from the northern region.

5. Other Products

Other products, including cardboard, pulp and paper products, are also derived from wood. Additionally, some medicines are also extracted from trees.

List Of Top Wood Importers In The US

The following are the top 5 leading importers of wood in the US:

  • Arauco Wood Products Incorporated

The company is one of the leading global wood importers in the US. They primarily deal in plywood, mouldings, fiberboards, unbleached softwood kraft pulp, etc. Their major exporter is the South American country Chile.

They offer an exquisite selection of premium plywood, millwork, lumber and wood pulp to their customers. They promise sustainability and innovative manufacturing and delivery of their products. Arauco Wood supplies its products to various companies established in North America. The company employs thousands of workers in the US and Canada.

  • Global Prime Wood LLC

They are one of the most significant wood buyers based in the US. Their major products include fence pickets boards, softwood lumber, kiln-dried pickets, etc. They import most of their products from Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Their headquarters is in Jacksonville, Florida. Since January 2018, they have made a total of 2,640 shipments.

  • Wood Brokerage International

Wood Brokerage is a wood importer company based in the US. Their primary imported products include Meranti plywood, clear pine primed door, hardwood laminated truck flooring kits pieces, plywood, pine panels, Indonesian plywood, timber, and more.

The company supplies imported hardwood plywood and lumber products in large numbers from their trading partners. Their major suppliers are Brazil and Malaysia. They use this purchase to make a variety of products. They primarily service major distributors in the US and Canada.

  • Egger Wood Products LLC

This is another importer company based in the US and one of the most prominent wood buyers in the continent. They primarily deal in plyboards, construction parts, etc. Their major exporters are Germany and Austria.

They promote sustainability through their work. They provide innovative and high-quality products to their extended network of customers. Their presence is prominent in 9 countries with 20 plants.

  • El & El Wood Products

El & El Wood Products is a US-based wood importer company. Their primary imported products include primed MDF mouldings, pinus radiata door pieces, wooden doors, etc. Their biggest exporter country is Chile.

The company was first established in 1967, and its values revolve around service, strength, support and synergy. Their wide-ranging products consist of baseboard moulding, casting moulding, crown moulding, exterior doors, interior doors, majestic mantels, and more. They are one of the largest moulding distributors in California, Arizona and Nevada.

What Does The Future Of The US Wood Industry Hold?

Wood is an integral part of our everyday living, and an attempt at a sustainable future will continue to include wood. Even though the many uses of wood goes under the radar, its necessity transcends different market areas.

The number of global wood importers is growing vastly, making this industry one of the fastest-growing and most popular of all fields. Therefore, the future of the wood industry in the US seems to be profitable and promising.

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