How Does A School Bus Routing Software Help In Optimizing The Routes?

School bus management is one of the most challenging activities carried out by schools. Every school is responsible for their students to reach home safely. The drivers are also equally responsible for whatever happens during their ride. 

The post-pandemic threats have joined their enlarged list of challenges. Once the schools start reopening, the foremost thing the schools have to do is to install their school bus routing software. 

School bus routing software is a specially designed tool installed in school buses. Through this, the drivers could get real-time updates regarding routes and will even alert them about uncertainties in their routes. 

Almost many schools have come forward and installed the software to keep track of their school bus routings. Post-pandemic, it has become mandatory for schools to adopt this to monitor their children. 

Challenges that thrives schools to adopt a school bus routing software 

While traveling in buses, have you ever thought about your driver’s responsibility? The travelers on the bus are his bunch of responsibilities. Do you agree? But in the case of school bus drivers, the case is even more crucial. 

School bus drivers are extra conscious about their driving. This is because they carry the most precious assets on their bus.  Drivers are answerable for the safety of the students. Parents and school authorities have no idea about how their students are transported by the drivers. There are several underlying challenges faced by them. 

Have a look at the list of challenges and solutions provided by school management software. 

Concern over safety

Road travel is full of uncertainties. Even if you are a good driver, that alone cannot stop you from meeting an accident.  Because it is observed that most of the accidents happen due to the negligence of the riders from the opposite direction. School buses are usually driven at a minimum speed to ensure the safety of the children on board. 

But still, they are aware of the uncertainties that come along with their routes. This is one of the major reasons for school bus accidents. 

No access to the school authorities and parents 

When the drivers leave for their duty, the parents and school authorities have no idea of how they will travel. Parents are generally panicked about various news they come across. This makes them worry about their children’s safety.  Both parents and school authorities felt the need for a tracking system to keep track of the school buses.

Threats over Covid-19 spread 

When there is already enough list of challenges, the Covid-19 threat has joined the list recently.  Many countries have already decided to reopen schools for their children. But still, there is a fear factor in them, what if the virus spreads to the other children? 

Many governments have also suggested school authorities revamp the seating arrangements of their buses.  So that no kid will sit closer to the other one. But this will result in the rolling out of more buses on the bus as they can carry only a few students in a ride. 

Solutions provided by the school bus routing software 

The school bus routing software is designed with extraordinary features. This offers excellent solutions to overcome the hurdles.

Route optimization 

Route optimization feature of the software identifies the uncertainties like accidents, traffic, bad weather and road conditions way forward.  The software is built with algorithms that can predict things in advance. It will also help the users with maps and directions to reach destinations in a shorter duration. 

GPS tracking 

The GPS tracking system is in-built within the software. This helps the parents and school authorities to track the buses in real-time. At the same time, the GPS system will also update the drivers with fuel consumption and mileage. Through this map-based tool, the parents can view the entire route in real-time.

Bus driver management

The school authorities can easily manage the activities and schedules of the drivers through this software. This will also help them improve their communication with their drivers. They can also track the bus routes through the software to ensure the safety of their students. 

Driver app 

The driver app of the school bus software is specially designed for them to view optimized routes. Once the drivers boarded the bus, they could immediately log into their app. Through their app, they will receive route optimization information, mileage, and fuel consumption. 

Parent-specific app 

As the name suggests, the app is exclusively for the parents to track their ward’s school bus routes. The app will send them real-time updates like their pick-up points and drop-point information. 

Advanced routing information 

While driving a school bus, accuracy is very important. The drivers should never delay dropping their students at schools. They should know every possible route to reach destinations quickly. 

The software allows students to inform their leave through a post. The app will notify the drivers. The drivers will skip the route of picking up those children and will take an alternative route.  The software will suggest efficient routes, updated maps, and stop times to increase the driver’s productivity. 

Inbuilt calendar based scheduling 

Schools do not work for all seven days a week.  And, in between, there will be a lot of holidays for the students. Marking them up all manually will be confusing. The app supports calendar-based scheduling where the drivers can enter the list of holidays in advance. 

So the app will send notifications to the drivers before starting their trips.

Wrapping up,

School bus routing software has become mandatory for schools and parents to ensure their kid’s safety. Especially, during this post-pandemic, schools have made it mandatory to adopt one for their students safely.  I would suggest you do your research before selecting the software for your school buses.

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