Location of solar panels: basic requirements

The efficiency of power generation from solar panels Solar Energy in Pakistan depends not only on their efficiency and correct installation. An important factor is the correct location of the modules relative to the sun, which is due to the peculiarities of photovoltaics. Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum electricity, it is worth thinking about choosing the best place for installing a SPP.

Battery Location Requirements good illumination of the entire territory; near the location, it is unacceptable to find tall buildings and vegetation that cast shadows; free movement around the site to carry out station service. On the roof of the house Installation of photocells on the roof of buildings is the best option with a sufficient area and reliability of the fastening design. To install a station on a private building, the following rules must be observed: the placement of panels should be carried out parallel to the plane of the roof, taking into account the coincidence of the angle of inclination with the optimal value of illumination for a given area; in case of deviations from the lighting indicator, it is necessary to use frame structures that will help to adjust the slope to the required level; the panels need to be positioned in a certain direction: monocrystalline – to the south side; polycrystalline elements – to the southeast or southwest side; placing modules in the direction of the east and west reduces energy efficiency by 25-35%.

On a multi-storey city building

The main difficulty in installing a solar battery on the roofs Solar Factories in Pakistan of apartment buildings is coordination at the administration level and an agreement with neighbors. Also, such a SPP is more expensive. However, the system will not cause problems in terms of efficiency, since the large area will allow you to adjust the optimal angle of inclination through the use of the desired structures. Additional equipment for controlling the operation of the unit can be located in the basement or attic, next to the traditional switchboards.

On adjoining plots

The location of the modules on the territory next to the house has its pros and cons. Most of all, this option is suitable for powerful stations that do not have enough roof area of the house. The main features of such an installation are:

installation of photocells on delta-shaped frame structures or in separate parking lots for each panel;

the availability of choosing the best angle of inclination and direction in relation to the sun;

the ability to connect trackers that rotate the panels to capture more light.

Installation taking into account the angle of incidence

The batteries are maximized Solar Panel Lahore by positioning them correctly. To achieve such an indicator, you need to follow several rules: static structures must be placed at an angle corresponding to the geographical latitude of the region and plus 10 degrees; for partially mobile systems, the angle of incidence is adjusted twice a year: in November and May by 10-15 degrees; stations with automatic trackers deploy themselves. Build errors incorrect selection of modules for the location and climatic conditions of the region; no correction of the angle of incidence of light rays in the presence of such an option.

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