Glass Wall Partition Systems

Partition Systems with Glass Wall Thanks to the glass partition wall and shower partition in dubai, which is frequently used in homes and especially in offices, it is now possible to carry out many operations with a single material. Especially compared to the 90s, its decorative structure is preferred a lot for lighting purposes. With the production of not only the transparent ones but also the colored ones, in addition to the interior facade, today it has managed to become an extremely special material for the exterior. It both beautifies the image and allows natural lighting. Being robust and slightly foggy, it is especially useful in office partition construction and in the outer part of the elevator shaft on the exterior.

What is Glass Wall Partition?

The material, which has two different types due to its structure and is mostly in sizes 8 – 7 – 4, can enable all kinds of patterns to be revealed. Thanks to the special structure of the parts, a glass partition wall can be created and an extremely stylish environment can be created. In order for it to be robust and the parts to stay together, it can be combined with special parts. With the combination of the glasses, thanks to the special parts in between, a closeness of up to 2 mm can be achieved. In this way, it can be ready for assembly by making a film in the desired color without any visual disturbance.

Where are Glass Partition Systems Used?

Glass wall partition systems are preferred for decoration purposes in offices, especially because they are resistant to impacts and can be applied easily in all kinds of processes. Recently, it has been preferred to divide the space in a decorative way and to allow light to pass through instead of a structure that is completely isolated from the outside environment. For this reason, it can be preferred both as a room wall and as a special insulation material for a certain part of the exterior or in the middle floors of the apartments.

In order to use glass office partitions, a design plan is made, the color to be used is determined and the environment can be created after the appropriate materials are provided. Thanks to its oval and rectangular shapes, you can tell the master you want your own design and request it to be made. It attracts a lot of attention, especially because it delays combustion in tests and insulates gases that are extremely harmful to human health.

Is There a Colored Glass Partition?

Today, it is possible to find glass walls with extremely different colors and designs such as blue, red, green, and yellow. We have the opportunity to make glass partition systems not only in a flat structure but also in different patterns. You can use any pattern you want by notifying the colors you want to the call construction personnel.

What is the Thickness of Glass Office Partition Systems?

It is possible to supply glass partition walls and aluminium works in dubai in different sizes such as 0.80 x 4 mm x 78 mm and 80 – 5 mm – 4.5 mm. Since the dimensions may vary according to the brand and the design you specify, you can choose according to the partition wall you plan.

Glass Partition Wall Prices How Much?

In many institutions, special offers are given for glass partition wall prices of 0.80 x 4 mm x 78 mm per square meter (m2). In bulk purchases, you may have the opportunity to get a discount depending on the institution you buy from.

Partition Systems Made of Glass

Call Construction office partitions and glass partitions offer the flexibility to design, procure and install the office layout to suit any situation. Since all our partition systems are demountable, your office can be dismantled and moved to another location years later.

Glass partitions, solid and removable elements, can be used to create a bright and flexible workspace and meet acoustic requirements. You can have the company’s branding, logos, and color film made on the glass partition systems made in your office. Office Partitions are also delivered to you after a rigorous test, and the structural and performances of the product are analyzed by measuring the acoustic and combustion rates in the tests. Our glass partition systems are produced in accordance with the fire-resistant E41 fire regulations in accordance with Turkish Standards.

Glass Partition Features

  • 32mm high 34mm wide extruded aluminum profiles for opaque and simple glass
  • 40mm high, 63mm wide, double glazed.
  • Barbed opaque panels with extruded aluminum construction.

Filmed Walls

  • Double panels: 16mm and 650kg/m3 wood particleboard, various finishes.
  • 30mm mineral wool panel insulation between panels.

Glass walls

  • Frameless plain glass or double 10 or 12mm

Doors (our glass or wooden doors)

  • 42 mm MDF coated
  • 66 mm MDF coated
  • 10 or 12 mm tempered simple glass
  • 42mm aluminum with 6mm tempered simple glass
  • 42mm aluminum, 6mm double glazed
  • 5 + 5 or 6 + 6mm double glazed model
  • 6mm lateral simple glass screen model

Sliding doors

  • outer 10 or 12mm tempered simple glass
  • Exterior 42mm aluminum with 6mm tempered simple glass
  • outer 42mm aluminum 6mm tempered double glazed
  • outer 42mm chipboard coated


  • Glazed panels Rw = 33dB – 40dB
  • Opaque door Rw = 37dB – 43dB
  • Opaque door Rw = 35dB

The new Partition wall represents the result of an evolutionary process in the field of wall partition systems in which Call Construction specializes. In this project, the concept of aesthetics, where the transparency and lightness of materials are constant, was collected. Single pane glass partition or single or polished panels are available. There is a minimalist concept in the construction of these partition systems, which is achieved with a unique aluminum profile that allows configuring the entire installation.

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