How Can You Swiftly Enter The Multi-Services App Market With An App Like Gojek?

With the advent of mobile applications, not even a single day passes without them. Using different applications for different on-demand services is quite old-fashioned. The launch of super apps like Gojek and Grab has made almost all the on-demand services shrink to one single app. Through these apps, we can get all the on-demand services effortlessly.  

In the present situation, the mobile app market is proceeding at a fast pace. The post-pandemic situation revolutionized the mobile app market 

How Gojek emerged as a leader in the on-demand market?

The success of Uber created a storm among entrepreneurs to try their luck in the mobile apps. Many of them focused on building taxi booking apps, food delivery apps, and many more. But little did they know that people are not going to store all the apps on their mobiles. 

To stand unique in a business, it is important to think out of the sphere. That was the time when Gojek’s innovative concept came into the limelight. Gojek came up with the unique concept of providing all on-demand services from a single application for the users. Unlike Uber, Gojek then created the second biggest wave in the mobile app market. 

The core concept of the app is to make people avail all their services from a single place. However, they also succeeded in their vision. Gojek is a single app that hosts all multi-services that are considered the ultimate demand of people. In 2020, Gojek has been downloaded around 190 million times by people.   

What are the scopes for developing a multi-services app? 

Multi-services apps came as a bolt from the blue for people who were juggling between different apps for their daily demands. These multi-service apps feature a long list of different services.  

Following are some of the reasons listed to know why users will prefer your multi-service app, 

  • Firstly, people are not willing  to flood their mobile phones with many mobile apps. They want a crisp solution for all their needs. A multi-service app like Gojek will be the only solution for this demand. 
  • The  multi services business is a huge platform with many service providers. So, the cost will be quite affordable for the users. 
  • Along with the users, the service providers will also feel it easy to offer many services in a single app. 
  • The app will be a great time saver as people can find their services in a single platform. 
  • For your Gojek like app ,you can perform mass marketing to large people. This can influence more users to prefer your app. 

 Glimpses of few services to include in your multi-services app  

Once your business plan is ready, start working out the important services you will offer in the app. Remember that all the on-demand services should have good scope and demand from the end-users. In order to develop such a multi-services app, it is best to go with a ready-made solution like the Gojek clone app.

  • On-demand transportation services 

Taxi booking services are the pioneer which cannot be missed out in the app. In this segment, you can gain a large user base for the app. So, consider adding services like ride-hailing, carpooling, bike taxis, e-scooter services, etc. 

  • On-demand delivery services  

Online delivery services blossomed in recent years with the advent of mobile apps. It led to the origin of delivery services for food, grocery, alcohol, medicine, etc. Post-pandemic, these apps have become a must-have app for people to receive products without visiting physical stores.  

  • Mobile wallets 

Mobile wallets are another level of business that has a large scope for you. E-commerce giant Alibaba owns its mobile wallet called Alipay. People shopping at Alibaba’s subsidized platforms can use this option to pay for their products. In the same way, you can also integrate an e-wallet for your application. 

  • Handyman services 

Unlike delivery and taxi booking services, handyman services also have great potential. These days people find it challenging to find professionals to help them with their home services. With your Gojek clone, you can provide handyman services like plumber, carpenter, electrician, gardener, etc. 

What is the revenue-generating stream of the Gojek like app solution? 

When it comes to revenue generation, the app helps you gain more revenue from both the users and service providers. 

You can generate income from a Gojek like app in three ways, 

  • Firstly, you can earn commission charges from the users  and service providers for carrying their transactions in your app. 
  • Secondly, invite third parties to advertise their products and services in the Gojek like app. 
  • Thirdly, those who want to list their services at the top of the app, can opt for a monthly subscription fee.  

Wrapping up

On-demand helps generate a handful of income. Your  Gojek clone will surely be a massive hit in the market. At Appdupe, we offer you the best Gojek clone script to start your business in no time. Just contact our expert team and fix a date for discussion to know further about our products and services.

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