What is a hoverboard? How does it work?

What is a hoverboard? How does it work? What does hoverboard mean? What is the working principle of the hoverboard? How to use a hoverboard? … and many more questions may be on our minds. In order to eliminate all these question marks, we wanted to include these crazy two-wheeled vehicles in our blog posts. In this article, we will talk about what hoverboard means and how it works. Without wasting much time, let’s get straight to the point.

What are Hoverboards UK

A hoverboard is an electric micro-mobility vehicle, usually self-balancing, with two wheels and an electric hub motor in the wheel hubs, which performs energy storage with a battery. These devices, which are also called two-wheeled scooters by some, are also defined as self-balancing skateboards. 

The term hoverboard is ascribed to these devices, referring to the flying vehicles that were influenced and popularized by the film culture of the 1980s. Unlike classical skateboards, it takes action with electric motor drive instead of human power. There is a battery box inside the deck where the user is standing between its 2 wheels. In these devices, which we can also call 2-wheeled scooters, the movement and stopping process takes place according to the shift of the center of gravity created by the user by leaning forward and backward.

 Electric Hoverboards also appeal to a wide age group. Especially in recent years, while a significant increase has been observed in the use of children’s hoverboards, awareness in this field continues to increase at the same rate.

How Does a Hoverboard Work?

The operating principle of the hoverboard is actually quite simple. Those who know gyroscope devices can easily comment on the subject. Because one of the most important elements of hoverboards is gyroscopes.

If we talk about the main elements that make up the hoverboard; we can say electric motors, batteries, gyroscopes and microprocessors. There is an on and off button on the hoverboard, as with almost every electrical device. With this power button, you can take the first step to using an electric hoverboard


As we mentioned above, electric motors are located in the middle of the two wheels on the side. The current coming to the motor allows the wheels to turn. Generally, there are 2 electric motors with 250 Watt and 350 Watt motor power.

The hoverboard battery is located under the so-called deck where users stand. The range of use in these fun micro mobility vehicles with Lithium-Ion batteries is usually between 8-15 km with a fully charged battery.

The gyroscope is a device that enables smart balance hoverboard systems. It allows the hoverboard to balance itself. The hoverboard does not fall forward or backward, with or without the user on it.

There are also microprocessors and electronic circuits inside the hoverboard. BMS (battery management systems) also ensures that values ​​such as battery consumption and currently transferred to the motor are kept under control.

In this article, we will try to give you useful information about the Hoverboard (Electric Skateboard) charging problem and its solution. If you are having a hoverboard charging problem and looking for a solution, we are ready to help you as much as we can to inform you. We hope this topic will be useful and informative for you.

The hoverboard, also known as the electric skateboard, is one of the favorite means of entertainment and transportation, often used by children and teenagers. Especially in recent years, there has been an intense interest and interest in these micro-mobility tools, whose average user age has decreased. They are used standing on two wheels. The center of gravity, which changes as the user leans forward and backward, enables the hoverboards to move.

Electric skateboards are not very complex devices due to their mechanical and electronic structures. There are 2 wheels and hub DC motors in the wheel hubs. They have a lithium-ion battery (battery) to store and use electrical energy. It also has electronic circuits and motherboard. There are also electric skateboards with smart balance system, which have been on sale in recent years and are in stock as ScooterAl.

Since they are ” electronic devices “, various problems and malfunctions may occur in electrical parts and accessories. In this article, we will inform you about the electric skateboard (hoverboard) charging problem and its solution . In the meantime, we also recommend you to read our article titled electric scooter charging problem solution , which we wrote earlier .What Causes Hoverboard (Electric Skateboard) Charging Problem?

Charging problem in Hoverboard (Electric Skateboard) and Segways vehicles occur depending on various parameters. Sometimes, you may encounter a charging problem when you drop your electric skateboard or cause liquid to escape into the body. In such cases, the problem is not related to charging, but is caused by damage to the electronic circuits in the skateboard.

Failure of your charger, namely the adapter, or malfunctions in the socket you are trying to get electricity from also prevents the hoverboard from charging. It has been determined that from time to time, malfunctions occur at the charging port inlet.

Are you using the correct charger?

This is a common possibility. While providing lost chargers, users can order a charging adapter that is not suitable for electric skateboard models. In this case, problems such as incompatibility of the connection socket cause a charging problem.

Our advice to you; One of the first things you should do when you buy a new electric skateboard (hoverboard) is to take a photo of the label on your charging adapter with the technical description and values. In case your charger is lost, it will be easy for you to order a new charger according to the values ​​you have taken. Or if such a situation happens to you, you can contact us and get information about the appropriate adapter for your hoverboard model.

Check if you are using the correct charger. You will see the voltage of the charger on the printed label on the charger. To charge a 36 volt battery, there must be a charger slightly higher than the voltage of the battery, such as a 39 volt charger. If there is confusion, this information will make it easier for you to find the right charger.

Is your charging adapter getting power?

You have plugged in your charging adapter but there is no power at the outlet J In such a case, the first thing to come to mind is the possibility of your charger being broken. First, it makes sure that there is electricity in the socket you make the electrical connection.

Is the green light on when the charger is plugged in?

Your charger may have a built-in fuse or circuit breaker. Check for a circuit breaker or fuse and make the correction. If the charger is working now, use it.

If the fuse or circuit breaker is good, enlist the help of a voltmeter or multimeter and test the voltage output of the charger. If the voltage is zero or less than the voltage of the battery, the charger is faulty and you need a new charger. Or your faulty charger needs a technical overhaul.

Is your battery, OK?

Battery failure is one of the most common problems in electric skateboard (hoverboard) products. Lithium-ion batteries in these devices are not easily broken parts. But there is no guarantee that it will never fail.

Segway Hoverboard has batteries inside their outer bodies. These batteries are in charge of storing energy. These are batteries in which various chemicals, including lithium-ion, come together. Batteries have IP ratings just like electric motors. Battery packs have protection classes against foreign substances that may come into contact with liquid and dust/soil. If there is an external liquid or dust contact with your batteries, this will cause your battery to malfunction. In this case, your battery cannot be charged. In such cases, we recommend that you contact our technical service.

We recommend that you know the IP value of your electric hoverboard so that your battery is not damaged by foreign substances. Thus, it will be a guide for you whether to use it in rainy and dusty weather.

Does the LED on the charger quickly turn green?

There may be residual energy in your battery, and when you start charging, your battery will come to full charge in a short time. In such cases, test your electric skateboard and examine if there are any weaknesses in speed and range values, ramp performance compared to your previous rides. If you are sure that your battery is fully discharged and you cannot get the old performance as a result of your usage monitoring, there is a problem with your battery or charger.

Even if you do not use your electric skateboard, charge the lithium-ion batteries at least once a month. Even if you are not using it, use at least 40% of the hoverboard’s charge. Then recharge until fully charged. Applications made in this way will extend the life of the batteries in your battery and increase their efficiency.In this article, we tried to talk about the electric skateboard (hoverboard) charging problem and its solutions. If you are having a hoverboard charging problem, we have mentioned the problems that you can easily observe before taking your electric skateboard to the technical service. To remind you, as we always say; hoverboards are electrical devices and electricity is a potentially dangerous issue. In cases where you think there may be a malfunction, consult the person/service whose technical experience and knowledge you trust.

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