This monsoon get your life going with scrumptious cakes

Watching the raindrops while gazing at the wet field outside your window and feeling the exciting fragrance of wet mud while holding your favourite snack in your hand; isn’t that the perfect way to spend some time with yourself during the monsoons? Rains have always been associated with positivity; they are associated with romance and hope. Winds blowing during the monsoon call for munching up on some delicious cakes while enjoying the weather and feeling the raindrops. So whether you live with your partner or live far from them; whether you want to pamper yourself or send love to your dear ones during the monsoons. We have gathered a list of delightful cakes to help you have a delightful monsoon. You can buy a birthday cake online and immerse yourself in the bounty of cake while enjoying the rain while sitting on your balcony. 

  • You can use cakes as an excuse to sneak out of the house during the rains; when everyone around you advises you to stay at home. If you wish to experience rain from outdoors while immersing yourself in the raindrops then you must escape out of your house to get a cake all by yourself from a nearby cake shop. 
  • Rain must be thanked for giving us time with our dear ones! It is due to the rain that many people do not go to their workplace, office or schools on those particular days and remain at home instead! So, while everyone is in the house itself; why not enjoy this family time with cake? 
  • If the monsoon rain ruined your plan to visit a friend in a cafe or go out to play your favourite game like cricket or football; you must be wondering of ways to spend your time at home. Instead of being disappointed about not being able to go out; you can have fun inside your house by baking a cake at your house and sending a pic of the monsoon dessert that you baked all by yourself. 
  • Although people usually celebrate monsoon along with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate or their favourite coffee in their hand along with some chips, snacks or fries. You can decide to immerse yourself in the bounty of cakes and order cake online for you during the monsoon and enjoy the cold breeze while taking a bite of the delicious cake that you ordered for you. 
  • For the ones who celebrate their birthdays during the monsoon; it would be a nice idea to get special themed cakes ordered for their surprise gift. You can surprise the birthday girl or birthday boy by ordering a special monsoon theme cake for their birthday. Thus, making their birthday extra special
  • For the love birds who started their journey during the monsoon; a special customised cake for their anniversary would add more joy to their celebration. You can hold the hand of your partner with one hand while you relish the taste of the tantalizing flavours of cakes that you ordered for your anniversary
  • While everyone else is out either in their office or at their friend’s place; you can enjoy the monsoon all by yourself, right from the comfort of a couch! Just tune into your favourite music or stream the latest web series and binge watch along with delicious cakes around you.

Few popular cake flavours to purchase for  getting a buzz from the monsoon clouds

  • Hot chocolate cake
  • Candy filled pinata cake
  • Hot lava cake
  • Mocha cake
  • Fondant cake
  • Chocolate forest cake
  • Tiramisu cake
  • Oreo cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Walnut cake
  • Fruit cake
  • Chocolate raspberry mousse cake
  • Lemon Meringue cheesecake
  • Rich chocolate mousse cake
  • Peanut butter cupcakes
  • Rainbow cake
  • Chocolate truffle cake
  • Lavender BlackBerry cake

Next time when the monsoon showers hit your windows, do not get cuddled up in your blanket. Instead, get your life going with cakes online and avail of true instant cake delivery at your house.

 If you experience a stimulation to get indulged with delicious cakes after going through this list. Then, stop waiting and order cakes now!

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