What Else You Should Know Before Buying A Persian Cat?

Are you looking forward to buying a sweet companion? Well, it is hard to resist the charm of a Persian cat. Long hair, chubby cheeks, and snub noses are enough to drag you towards them. However, being an exclusive breed, you must know that the price of Persian cat baby is higher than the average of other breeds.

Persian cat breeds are typically affectionate and quiet breeds. Their distinct characteristics of wanting to be loved by their owners and lie on the couch make them unique feline. They are perfect and are one of the best choices for your home.

History of Persian Cat

Persian cats are the oldest breeds. Even when it is believed to be originated from Mesopotamia, which is now known as Persia, this breed has become a part of the royal families. The irresistible appearance of the Persian cats has made them get part of the big screen as well.

So now we will have a look into the details of a Persian cat. Remember, they are one of the cutest ones but the hardest to maintain. If you are ready to move ahead, then let’s have a look at the other features of a Persian cat.

Physical Attributes of Persian Cats

These felines are generally available in medium sizes and usually have a weight of 7 to 12 pounds. If you want a measurement, then they are commonly between 10 to 15 inches.

They mostly have a small rounded head and ears with big eyes, which makes them look exceptionally cute. However, they mostly have a flat face along with chubby cheeks. You can choose from the doll-face Persian cats and the traditional ones.

These breeds have a thick and sturdy body coupled with solid legs. However, this doesn’t make them a good jumper. They are mostly calm; therefore, they would love to keep their paws firmly on the ground or maybe hanging.

The most amazing aspect of Persian cats is their long silky coat. They are famous for their appearance from their fabulous thick and long fur. It has a top coat and undercoat, which feels no less than luxurious touch. However, you must know that they shed a lot.

The best part of the Persian cats is that these long hair felines are available in a range of colours and patterns. You can choose from cream, blue, white and much more as per your choice. Additionally, the different types of eye colours offer multitude of options. You can find Persian cat baby price and other options from MummyCat, thereby helping you to choose accordingly.

Personality Traits:

You must know that the personality of a cat is completely based on where they are raised and born. But most commonly, Persian cats and known for their specific characteristics.

  • These breeds relatively quiet
  • They love to spend time lounging around
  • They love to seek attention from the owners
  • They want constant affection

How to care?

Just like any other breed, Persian cats need similar attention or maybe a bit more. Apart from offering daily exercise and a healthy diet, it requires your attention. Moreover, grooming is a major part of their lifestyle. Unable to maintain it can result in loss of hair and snatch away their sweet appearance.

Get affordable Persian cat baby price in India wherever you wish, but before that, have a look at the details of their care needs.

The Hair!

There is no doubt that Persians have the luxurious touch because of their quality fur. They have thick and long fur, and therefore you have to know the way to go home to stop messing the house.

Therefore you have to keep in mind regular grooming and bathing. You can choose to trim their hair and use quality products to maintain it. Their long hair results in getting dirty within significantly less time.

Keep them healthy:

As you may have known by now, they are mostly quiet. Unlike other breeds, they won’t roam around, and hence the sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health issues. Therefore you have to bring a lot of toys that would keep them active.

Apart from that, don’t forget to take care of the ears and eyes. Because of their facial structure, Persian cats tend to get a lot of these facial problems. Hence it is a need for the owners to keep them clean and in proper shape constantly.

Bottom line: There is no doubt that Persian cats are one of the sweetest breeds you can bring to your home. But before you bring them, you must know the time and effort you have to invest. Now that you know in detail about them, you can check the baby cat price in India from MummyCat and bring your chosen breed home.

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