2021 Amazing Facts About Chinese Take Out Boxes

It would be amazing to know that there is so much history behind Chinese take-out containers. These cute, little food boxes that we usually get from Chinese cuisines have an interesting story to tell. The year 2021 has revealed a series of fascinating facts about Chinese take-out packaging that most of us do not know. Even though their name indicates that they have a Chinese origin but they are an iconic creation by America. They have been associated with Chinese cuisines because of their structure and shape. A Chinese take-out box is easy to make and has a visually appealing design. It has been discovered recently that it can be converted to a plate anywhere anytime you want. Let us explore some of the more interesting facts about it:

Chinese Takeout boxes have been around since 1894:

On November 13th, 1864, in Chicago, Chinese takeout containers were produced by Frederick Weeks on large scale. It was also reported in Times Magazine. The packaging is designed from a single construction of paper and it is folded smoothly to make a leak-proof box. The finishing touch was given afterward by introducing a wire handle at the top. This evolution was done using an oyster pail. During that time, no one could ever imagine how a Chinese take-out box can be made by using this technology. It’s the reason that Chinese boxes are still referred to as oyster pails by traditional people. 

They are a Purely an American Invention:

Chinese food was first introduced in America by the mid of 18th century as several Chinese immigrants came to settle in California during the Gold Rush. Over time, Chinatowns were established all over the state and food started to become more popular. During that period, Chinese restaurants were opened that had a more American flavor. To package the food more appropriately these small Chinese food containers were thought to be a wonderful invention. Originated in America but they had become one of the best packaging solutions worldwide in all types of cuisines. The modernized world can’t live without it!

Chinese Food Containers can be converted to Plates:

Another interesting fact about Chinese food packaging is that it can be converted to a plate any time you want. It provides an ease to the consumers to eat their food more conveniently. These boxes were already famous for maintaining the warmth and hygiene of food. Their popularity increased more when this surprising fact was revealed. Turning into the plate is quite easy and comfortable as you can do it at any time of the day. Whether you are out for a picnic or having an office lunch, a Chinese takeout box eliminates all your worries to arrange cutlery. Just hold it from the taped/stapled end and rotate to convert it to a flat plate. A Chinese takeout box plate is easy to manage. Just use it and dispose of it easily without any problem. The boxes are made from a single piece of paper and have a flat surface from the base. This helps in designing a leak-proof container that could be transported easily from one place to another.

Recyclable and Microwaveable:

Due to the advance and attractive features of Chinese take-out packaging, a large number of restaurants and food chains have started imitating these white, fold-up takeout boxes. The most interesting thing about them is that they are microwaveable and can be easily recycled. The food you order at your home will remain warm inside these boxes even after hours. If you want to re-heat it, there is no need to convert the food to another plate. Just put the box inside the microwave. Such packaging can also be used to store your food items. The material used for their manufacturing is natural and eco-friendly. It is free from toxins and allergens that may spoil the quality of your food.

Perfect for all types of Foods:

Although the name indicates that Chinese takeout containers are designed to carry Chinese food, but it would be interesting to know that such packaging can be used to carry any type of food item including the saucy ones. People might think that placing saucy food inside may leak the container or it becomes smudgy from outside. Here lies the specialty of these boxes. They are lined internally with a wax coating that makes the containers leak-free. Moreover, there is no chance to get smudges on the outside of the box to appear dirty. It is the reason that a Chinese takeout box is ideal to carry soups as well!

Interesting Customization has given them Special Acceptance:

Although the Chinese takeout packaging started as plain white boxes, the use of various customization options has given it special acceptance industry-wide. The packaging can be now designed in various colors, sizes, and designs depending upon your need. Most of the food chains go for designing the boxes by highlighting their branding requirements. Going for a unique brand name, a recognizable logo or an attractive tagline can increase consumer interest in your products. Similarly, the use of different colors and printing options can give an aesthetically appealing look to your boxes that is hard to ignore!

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