Shiva and Symbolism Behind his Holding

Significance for Crescent Moon on Lord Shiva’s Head

  • Shiva Tattva means “where there is no mind” and the moon is the sign of the mind. If there is no mind, how can it be expressed? How can anyone understand it? To understand, experience, and express the infinite, no-mind consciousness, you need just a small amount of mind. To express the inexpressible, that tiny mind (crescent Moon) is on your head.
  • Wisdom transcends the mind. However, it must be expressed with a touch of mind.

Significance Of Lord Shiva’s Damru

  • Damru is the symbol of the Universe, which is constantly expanding and contracting. This is the process of creation. It collapses during expansion and then it expands again.
  • Your heartbeat is more than a straight line. It is a rhythm that moves up and down. All of life is rhythms. Energy rises and falls, then rises again. The damru is a symbol of this. The damru is a shape that collapses and expands.
  • The darmru symbolises sound. Sound is rhythm, sound is energy. The entire universe is nothing more than a wave function. It is only rhythms. What does quantum physics tell us? It also says that the entire universe is made up of rhythms. It is only one wave ( Adviata). The damru symbolises the non-dual nature the universe.

Significance for Lord Shiva’s Neck

  • The state of samadhi, where there is nothing but the inner sky of consciousness, refers to Shiva. It is characterized by alertness and no action. They wrapped a snake around Shiva to symbolize this alertness. The serpent is therefore a symbol for alertness.
  • When the eyes are closed during meditation, it can give the illusion that the person is asleep. But he is awake and alert. This state of consciousness is expressed by a snake being shown around Lord Shiva’s neck.

Significance Of Lord Shiva’s Trishul

  • Trishul is the symbol of the three dimensions of consciousness, waking, dreaming, and sleeping. It also represents the three gunas, satva and rajas, as well as the three gunas, tamas, rajas, and tamas. The trishul symbolises that Shiva (the divinity), is above all three states, waking, dreaming, and sleeping, but is also the upholder of them all.
  • The divinity transcends the three gunas but holds the three gunsas together.
  • Shul is a description of suffering or problems. Trishul is that which ends all suffering.
  • There are three types of pain in life:
  • 1. Aadibhautik
  • 2. Aadhyaatmik Spiritual
  • 3. Aadidaivik
  • The trishul is what relieves you of all your problems and pains. It is in Shiva’s hand.

Significance River Ganga running from Lord Shiva’s Head

  • Ganga is knowledge. It purifies the soul. The symbol of knowledge is always the head. The symbol of love is the heart.
  • Ganga should have been love if it were. Because it is simply knowledge, it is not coming out of the head.
  • Knowledge is liberating. Knowledge brings freedom. Knowledge purifies. These are all characteristics of knowledge. Knowledge can also be movement, motion. Ganga (knowledge), must be derived from Lord Shiva (the divinity) head.

Significance for Lord Shiva’s Third Eye

  • The third eye is associated with awareness and alertness.

Significance Shiva’s Blue Body

  • Blue is like the Sky. Blue is all-pervading, infinite and without limits. It is a fluid color. Shiva doesn’t have a body. Shiva was never even a person. The ancient Rishis created a form to represent the inexplicable infinite Divinity.
  • Knowledge is everywhere, but it has no form.
  • The entire universe is filled with Shiva – , whose body is in all of the universe.

Significance for Shiva Linga

  • Linguam is a symbol that allows you to identify the truth, the reality. Lingu can identify what is invisible but still visible.
  • How do you tell if a baby is male or female when it is born? You can only identify if the baby is a boy/girl by looking at one area of the body. This is why the lingam is used for the genital.
  • How can you identify the Lord in this Creation? He doesn’t have a form! They then suggested that a sign be used to identify Him. The sign that identifies both male and female forms by combining them to create one symbol to identify Shiva Lingam, who is all-pervading in the entire Brahmanda (Creation) is the Shiva Lingam.
  • Shiva Linga has a very long history, and is actually the oldest. Through the Shiva Linga, you can go from the form to the formless. It is a symbol which represents the cosmos as well as the creator of it, as one.
  • It is the Shiva & Shakti, which are the principles of creation. ShivaLinga combines the silent manifestation and dynamic manifestation. Shiva Linga does not only represent Shiva, but also the complete Supreme Consciousness.

Significance Of Nandi (Bull), – Vehicle of Lord Shiva

  • Bull has been used for centuries as a symbol to represent dharma (righteousness). consciousness, or innocent consciousness, is with you and you can read more nandi bull significance.

Significance for Shiva Tandav

  • The dance of one consciousness is at the center of all creation (Shiva). One consciousness was danced, and it manifested as a million different species around the globe. This infinite creation is Lord Shiva’s dance or Shiva Tandav. All of the world is Shiva Tandav’s.

Significance Of Kailasa – The Abode Shiva

  • Mount Kailasa is the abode for Shiva, as well as the smashana (the ground for cremation).
  • Kailasa is a place where there is only celebration, while smashana refers to a place where there is no void. The Divinity dwells both in celebration and in the void. There is no celebration if there is no void.

Meaning of Chanting “Om Namah Shivaya”

  • Om Namah Shivaya is one powerful mantra. It increases your energy and cleans your environment. Mantras are energizing sounds that help to lift the consciousness.
  • Om Namah Shivaya, These words are extremely important because ‘Na,’ ‘Ma,’ ‘Shi,’ ‘Va,’ ‘Ya,’ these five letters signify the five elements: Earth, Water Fire, Air, and Ether.
  • Om refers to the sound of all things. Om is peace and love.
  • When there is harmony, peace, love, and harmony in all five elements, then it is bliss!
  • The power of the horoscope is not enough to dispel the effects of mantras. You can eliminate any effects of the planets by chanting Om Namah Shivaya.

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