How to dab wax with portable E-nail

An E-nail features all the benefits of the basic dab rig nail, including producing strong vapor and intense hits. However, it is much safer than the basic nail because it does not require a blowtorch (minimizes the risk of creating a fire disaster). Furthermore, an E-nail heats to the ideal dabbing temperature with better precision ensuring you consistently get smooth hits. 

How does an E-nail work?

E-nails are the most essential part of an electric dab rig, but they need other parts of the device to function optimally, including a battery, and a glass piece. When activated, the battery powers the E-nail which sequentially heats up to the appropriate temperature. Some electric dab rigs feature a variable voltage battery which enables you to change the amount of power or voltage supplied to the E-nail. Consequently, this type of battery enables you to customize your hits. If you choose a higher heat/ voltage setting, you will get intense hits and more clouds in your hits. Conversely, choosing a lower setting will offer you more flavor with lesser cloud production.

Usually, the glass of the electric dab rig features a water percolator that filters out the vapor and cools it before you can inhale. Also, the glass piece is longer or has a greater volume to provide space for additional cooling. The end of the glass piece acts as the mouthpiece where you tap the vapor.

Types of E-nails

E-nails are classified based on the material used to make them. The three common types of E-nails are: 

  1. Quartz E-nails
  2. Ceramic E-nails
  3. Titanium E-nails

If you are looking for something that can facilitate quick and easy hits, quartz nails can provide you with a quick heat-up time. Ceramic nails have better heat retention, so once heated, you may benefit longer from one use before reheating. Titanium nails have the best of both worlds, with fast heating time and the ability to retain heat. They are also very durable, so you will find them to last longer.

Each nail type has its limitations, for example, titanium is neither a medical-grade nor a food-grade material. As a result, the safety of titanium E-nails is always debatable. Furthermore, the building up of oxides on the surface of titanium E-nails, after prolonged usage, can affect their performance. Quartz E-nails do not retain heat as well as ceramic nails. Conversely, ceramic nails take longer to get up to the ideal temperature. 

Therefore, you should choose an E-nail that matches your needs. 

How to use an E-nail for dabbing wax.

Step 1: Setting up the E-nail

First of all, you should ensure the surface on which you will place your E-nail when in use is sturdy and stable. Also, it should be free from flammable substances to guarantee your safety in case you accidentally tip off the surface. The rig’s percolator should be filled with water to the ideal level. Moreover, the carb cap and the dab tool should be clean and easily accessible. 

The battery powering the E-nail should be fully charged. If it is compatible with pass-through charging, you can charge it while using the E-nail. Ensure all the parts of the unit, including the battery, E-nail, and glass piece are correctly attached.

Step 2: Season the E-nail (if you are using it for the first time).

E-nails especially the titanium type should be seasoned before using them for the first time. Seasoning enables you to get the best flavor from your CBD vape cartridge

  •  To season your E-nail,  open the E-nail and set it to 750°F. 
  • Obtain some vaping oil or concentrate. 
  • Once the temperature is set, use your dabber to take a dab of the oil or concentrate.
  • Apply to the E-nail and whirl the concentrate to cover all surfaces.

Step 3: Taking hits/ draws from the E-nail

First of all, you should set your preferred temperature for dabbing if the E-nail is powered by a battery with adjustable temperature/ voltage settings. 

  • For the low-temperature dabbing, you should heat your nails to 800°F. Once this temperature is reached, reduce the heating level to 350°F-400°F. 
  • For a medium temperature dab, you should reduce the heat level to 450°F-600°F 
  • Moreover, for high-temperature dabbing, you should choose a temperature setting between 600°F-850°F (some set the temperature of their E-nails as high as 900°F, but it is too hot especially if you are a beginner). 
  • Once you reach the right temperature, use your dabber to choose your preferred dab concentrate size. A dab concentrate that is the size of a grain of rice is usually recommended.  
  • Cover the E-nail with the carb cap and inhale.

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