7 Different Types of Accessories to Tie Your Hair

How do you want to use your hair? Well, there are many ways to do so!  

You can explore the innumerable ways to tie your hair by using the different types of hair accessories available. From functional to embellishing accessories, ponytail holders to butterfly clips, you can try out everything in between them. 

Hair accessories have existed for years when the hair adornments like stick hairpins, flower crowns, and feathers & bones were in trend. The current era has again come up with a variety of hair accessories that make your hair look stylish and cooler. 

Here is the list of some elegant and useful hair accessories; some of them keep hair out of your face while others can be used to tie your hair. Check them out!


There is a family of clips available out in the market, designed with a common aim of keeping hair out of your face and that too in a style. From small clips that hold back fine baby hair to the larger clips for holding a ponytail without it falling, you can choose your favourite one from the list. Taking care of the clip’s material is the only consideration! 

Talking about the metal clips, they are very strong and durable, having very little chance of damage or breaking. But when it comes to styling your hair, they don’t serve the purpose. Moreover, you will not find comfort in it as the plastic ones have.

There are also mini claw clips for hair that can be used for styling purposes, available in a variety of colours and designs. The plastic one can easily get broken and does not go for a longer run. These clips can grace your outfit and modernize the way you look. 


They are smaller than hair clips and ideal for holding back thin hairs or side hairs. You can wear it in any way you wish, depending on the size and complete look that you wish to have for your hair. The short barrette clips can be used to pull back the little sections of hair from the face while the bigger ones can be worn at the back of the head to pull the bulk of a person’s hair. You can also wear it as a decorative styling piece. 


A headband is a clothing hair accessory that can either be worn around the forehead or around the top of the head. You can wear it for beautifying purposes as well, but the main aim is to keep the hair out of the face or eyes. Different materials can be used for the creation of headbands.

Made with a single elastic material loop, it gets easily stretched to fit over the head and get fitted comfortably in place. Though the formed headbands don’t lose their shape, fabric headbands are naturally more comfortable to wear for longer durations since they are comfortable to wear.


These hair ties are super comfortable to wear and keep the hair assembled at the back. Unlike other hair ties, scrunchies are covered with fabric to create a ponderous hair tie with two main advantages – gentle on hair and can be used as an accessory for the outfit. Being popular in the early generations, scrunchies are now back in trend. 

Pick up the required size, preferred colour, and material from the list. The best part of hair scrunchie is that they can be paired up perfectly with the outfit and don’t damage the hair. Either wear it alone or pair them with other hair accessories to get an individual look.


They look similar to headbands, only a bit thicker and made up of highly absorptive fabric. It gets worn around the forehead. Since the main goal of designing a sweatband is to protect the eyes from sweat, it can also be used to keep the hair from befalling in the face as a fashion statement in a sports team. 

Hair Pins 

Hairpins are said to be the oldest hair accessory used to keep the hair in place. Available in a variety of designs and types, the purpose of every type is the same. Hairpins are made up of different materials, depending on the style that you want to opt for along with the budget for buying the same.

You can see these luxury hair accessories being worn by people around the world to get a perfect style statement. Out of the 2 options, straight hairpins are tricky to use at first as they get the slide out to hair. You can use them to adorn a hair updo. Combining it with other hair clips is also a good option to hold your hair up.

Hair Elastic & Ties 

Hair elastic can be referred to by many other names, the design, as well as the purpose, is common. These are fixed ties that can stretch to fit around the hairs and work to hold them in place. Amazing, isn’t it? Made up of different materials, only you can decide which one best suits your needs and budget. 

Modern elastic ties do control and stretch the hair perfectly. What makes them so popular is the affordable rate so that everyone can purchase them. Another one is they are super easy and quick to use by stretching around a ponytail to pull together the hairs.

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